I Live in Paris—and This Is How French Women Style Knitwear

As winter approaches, my current wish lists consist of comfy cable knits, ribbed polo collars and cashmere sweaters – basically anything that will avoid those icy chills. But big chunky sweaters and thicker layers aren’t always easy to pull off, and I don’t want to end up looking like a yeti, the Marshmallow Man in. ghost hunters or Joey in this scene from friends when he’s wearing all his clothes.

When it comes to knits, the French seem to have a knack for making them more elegant than most. Maybe it’s the way they style it, or the way it casually (or is effortlessly) falls off their shoulders, whatever the case, there’s a thing or two to learn. After all, French women alone are responsible for making the cardigan sexy, although it was invented in the 19th century by the Earl of Cardigan, who was obviously a man and a Briton.

Here are my top tips for putting on heavier layers that I borrowed from the French, so you can stay warm without sacrificing style.

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