I Tried On the H&M x The Vampire’s Wife Collaboration

All in all, this is a really nice and fabulous collection for those who want a share of The Vampire’s Wife action without forking the four-figure price tag. But unlike some of the other collaborations H&M has hosted, this one definitely sits on the affordable end of the spectrum, with pieces starting at £ 10 for a ruffled collar and going all the way up to £ 50 for a lace midi dress. . In truth, this is reflected in the quality. However, I would say the dresses are similar to any other dresses you could find for the same price at H&M.

Some pieces stood out more than others. For example, my hero purchase has to be the ruffled sleeve lace mini dress, which perfectly pays homage to the flattering cuts of The Vampire’s Wife thanks to the waist bow that ties at the back and the delicate lace sleeves that widen at the elbows. The matching cape was fun to try on, but I can’t see myself throwing it away to go to dinner with my husband. Well, maybe give her a few more months of social distancing …

The velvet mini dress with voluminous lace sleeves was another standout item, and I can imagine it looking very chic with the removable collar, black tights and loafers. As for the fit, as someone who’s tried the real deal and found the proportions delicate (tiny waistlines and roomy busts), the H&M collection is definitely more accommodating. However, the only thing I would say is that the minidresses are very short, so if you’re on the taller side (I’m 5’7 ”) you might want to keep that in mind. All dresses are true to size (I’m wearing size 8), but if you are bigger at bust you may want to increase the size.

So if you want my two cents before you buy the collection, which will go live tomorrow, please scroll down. Now please excuse me while I boil the kettle in my lace cape.

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