In the living room of Queen Elizabeth II

In these days made of expectations and tensions related to Coronavirus, focusing on something lighter seems almost a therapeutic need. He knows it very well Queen Elizabeth II who, during his long reign, learned to perfectly dose authority and self-irony, understanding that he was so much an institutional reference point when a “pop” icon.

The latest post published by the Instagram profile of the Royal Family demonstrates this: a photograph representing the telephone conversation between His Majesty and Boris Johnson in these dramatic days. A sort of “confrontation” of the highest authorities for the management of the covid-19 emergency but also an opportunity to take a look for the first time in the Queen’s Windsor lounge.

More than a glimpse, the quintessential British style between ceramic corgi (well more than one), equestrian trophies, floral tapestries and lampshades with fringes: a peaceful and pacifying vision to say the least, which conveys a feeling of domestic peace that is so much needed. If you want instead visit other rooms in Windsor Castle and other important castles, here are all the palaces in the world that have “opened” their doors to virtual tours.

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