Interviews with actors, singers and athletes: 73 Vogue questions

73 questions who arrive like a fire in a row and pursue (kindly) the interviewee who must respond in a rush, without thinking too much: this is the format of the “73 questions to …” to which Vogue America has already submitted many celebs, including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie, Zendaya.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig, actress and director of Little Women answers the famous 73 questions and while wandering around Sony Pictures Studios talks about your film.
But not only that: it tells us about the life of writer and director, looking to the future of the film industry. Advice, hopes, desires, visions of the world, but also a contagious lightness in the blow and response with Vogue.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Olivia Colman

Oscar winner for her performance in the film Yorgos Lanthimos (feel how it should be pronounced perfectly!) La Favorita, the chameleonic British actress is now Elizabeth II in the third season of The Crown. But Olivia Colman she is also queen of good manners and irony that emerges strongly in the interview with 73 questions for Vogue.
What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve done?
Olivia tells us about her acting roles, how she prepares them, her inspirations, secrets and curiosities: what is the most ridiculous thing she knows?
Former cleaner, eclectic and exuberant, between tips for a lasting relationship and memories of the beginning, guess who will invite you to dinner in his royal home ..

Vogue’s 73 questions to Victoria Beckham

But is Victoria Beckham unpleasant? We bet you asked yourself more than once, probably because his face hardly suggests a different expression from that “in favor of the goal”. Woman from the “powerful” aplomb, look at our camera in the same way, but we find her caring mom – the first thing he does in the morning is to go check on his children – e wife still in love with her husband David: “The perfect date? One evening at home with my husband, “she says. 45 years and always in perfect shape, theex Posh tells us that he gets up at 6 in the morning to train, although as super power he would like to be able to train and sleep at the same time. Among the beauty tricks always present in his bag a hand cream by Byredo, and the lip pencil n ° 23 of Make Up For Ever. «But what would people really be surprised to know about you?»Asks Vogue’s voice,« that I am very nice », she replies.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Gisele Bündchen

Thousands (yes, thousands) of covers all over the world, an environmental commitment that has lasted for over ten years and a sunny character: impossible not to be enchanted by the beauty and gentle charm of the Brazilian super model. In the video interview of Vogue he opens the doors of his splendid house with park in Massachusetts and explains what we absolutely must not miss if we decide to take a trip to Brazil: the Pão de Açucar (one of the famous hills of Rio de Janeiro), the caipirinha and the coconut water (the real one, to be drunk directly from the fruit). Welcoming and open, Gisele also introduces us to her daughter Vivi and, surprised, his husband Tom Brady. Watch the video to see their beautiful family.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas of Jonas Brother’s wife – the celebrations for their wedding in December 2018 lasted 5 days and included two rites, the Hindu and the Christian one – the Indian actress, who became famous for her roles in Quantum and in Baywatch, was intercepted by Vogue while passing through New York for a week. The now classic 73 questions put to burst have made us discover that can’t give up on binge watching The Crown, who would have his hair completely shaved to play the role of Fantine ne Les Miserables, that Mother Teresa of Calcutta is always in her heart while her modern icon of reference is Michelle Obama. But not only, here she is singing the songs of Taylor Swift and doing a self-defense demonstration with a (poor) inflatable clown …

Vogue’s 73 questions to Hailey Bieber

Before being taken with her future husband for the cover of Vogue America, model Hailey Bieber answers the famous 73 questions and talks about the romantic proposal of Justin Bieber (with a lot of test on the finger that does not go unnoticed), the planning of his wedding, his desire to learn the recipe for the secret sauce Shake Shack (a well-known American hamburger chain that the model cannot do without) and shows us how to open a beer with your teeth. Almost.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Karlie Kloss

US supermodel and blogger Karlie Kloss also participates in Vogue’s iconic video format and answers 73 intriguing questions about her professional life – from her debut as a model (do you already know how she was discovered?) To the first fashion show for Calvin Klein – and private – from the engagement ring to the romantic proposal in New York. But that’s not all: Karlie also tells of her friendship with Taylor Swift, a fashion and designer and, of course, of Kode With Klossy, the camp dedicated to girls with a passion for tech.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Phoebe Waller-Bridge

His Fleabag, available on the Amazon Prime platform, is one of the most original and entertaining series of the most recent release season. Here Phoebe, in the direct way she got used to, explains smiling from where the inspiration for Fleabag came from: “largely to give voice to the uncontrollable and violent female anger”. Then he lists the three words that describe his creative process: “panic, panic, hope”. Although she has always declared that the protagonist of Fleabag is not an autobiographical character, at least one point in common with her the actress admits to having it: she is a hopeless romantic. And even for this reason we find her very nice.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Emily Blunt

It is in one transposition of The devil wears Prada that Emily Blunt answers Vogue’s 73 questions. The British actress, as Anna Wintour he wanders around the offices of the editorial staff of Vogue America in New York until he is asked the most terrifying question: which one to choose between two practically identical blue belts? Not even Nigel (Stanley Tucci) can suggest the right answer. From the craziest experience I’ve ever had – diving with sharks – to her favorite food – the turkey lasagna (?!) – Emily reveals something about her tastes and her personal life, yes, also about her husband John Krasinski (do you know that the two got married in Italy in 2010, in Cernobbio on Lake Como?). Despite having decided to do not open social profiles (why you’ll find out by listening), Emily is Pinterest enthusiast, and can not give up the lip balm …

Vogue’s 73 questions to Blake Lively

In these days when the reboot of Gossip Girl is monopolizing the web, Vogue has subjected Blake Lively, one of the protagonists of the TV series, to a straf of questions. The actress, always calm and smiling, also put a good face on a culinary test: she was asked to decorate a freshly baked cupcake and she showed she had a certain skill. She also admitted that she was particularly fond of sweets. His favorite dessert is the chocolate soufflé, a taste that perhaps has something to do with his passion for France. Usually, however, in the morning he prefers salty, in fact he starts the day with a plate of Eggs Benedict. And after so much cooking, we want to spend two words on fashion? A firm point is that she likes to dress full color. You can find out the rest by watching our video interview …

Vogue’s 73 questions to Saoirse Ronan

While preparing for a flight to Ireland, Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan answers Vogue’s 73 questions. Saoirse talks about his notoriously difficult to pronounce name and explains to us what Irish means “freedom”. Speaking of fashion, there are a couple of her latest purchases Gucci sneakers it’s a Saint Laurent bag, while her favorite red carpet look is thepink dress by Calvin Klein that she wore for the Oscars 2018. The protagonist of Mary Queen of Scots (with Margot Robbie) always wears a ring that she inherited from her grandmother and when she travels she never separates from her childhood stuffed animal pips.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Reese Witherspoon

The protagonist of Big Little Lies (together with Meryl Streep, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz) opens the doors of her home in Los Angeles and submits to the now classic 73 Vogue questions. Let’s find out about the actress who has a real one maternal vocation – his children in fact very often recur in his responses as the greatest gift he has had from life (and also a perfect alibi to indulge in some food transgression) – who loves the fried chicken and she misses it very much Nashville, his hometown. Among his ancestors, there is even one of the politicians who in the distant 1776 signed the American declaration of independence. Finally, the twist: Reese shows us the swimming pool and the trampoline of his house, where he performs in a incredible somersault. Seeing is believing.

Vogue’s 73 questions to Anna Wintour

The fashion icon, the “fearsome” director of Vogue America. That’s who we normally think is hiding behind those large, black sunglasses (worn even when a room has no windows). For us though, Anna Wintour, she took those glasses off, both literally and metaphorically, revealing what her personal tastes are, what she likes and what doesn’t. “Journey” (travel) it is the word that he would no longer like to mention when talking about fashion (Karlie Kloss do you understand?) and what he would never wear is black from head to toe. Brooklyn? «The new Silicon Valley». His favorite sport? Tennis…

The 73 questions of Vogue Sarah Jessica Parker

Would you ever have imagined that you could enter Sarah Jessica Parker’s living room in New York? Answering 73 questions posed in flurry, the actress tells us that loves Greece very much, that a tattoo would do it under the sole of the foot, who among the super powers would choose to travel back in time, that … If we know more or less everything about Carrie Bradshow, through this “sprint” video we will get to know the person better. Your favorite movie? How we were (The way we were) by Sydney Pollack. The Instagram page that everyone should follow? @wordoftheday. Which book would you reread? …

Vogue’s 73 questions to Roger Federer

Reply and reply with Roger Federer. The great Swiss tennis player, 37 years old, currently number three in the ATP ranking, is busy these days in Wimbledon, where he reached the semifinals, after defeating the promising Italian Matteo Berrettini and the Japanese Kei Nishikori. The interview begins with Roger who shows us how to beat the perfect serve: he assures us that it is easy, he says: you throw the ball up and hit it by jumping. Ok, let’s move on … After showing us his hit-killer, Federer declares that he is totally chocolate addicted (after all he is Swiss) even if he immediately eats a strawberry with cream (for the uninitiated: a Wimbledon must, the “strawberry and cream” are served in every bar between one field and another). While guiding us inside the most famous tennis club in the world, Roger meets a group of ball boys who he gives an affectionate advice: “dream big”, dream big.

Roger Federer during our interview

We also talk about fashion with him and the inevitable question – who is your favorite stylist? – here comes an answer without delay: Tom Ford. And then, an outfit that you still remember? “A Gucci tuxedo with a crystal cobra on the back that I wore at the Met Gala in 2017”. A fashion commandment? “Wear clothes, don’t let clothes wear you.”

Roger Federer in Gucci at the 2017 Met Gala

© in Gucci

Going back to his career, even an athlete as experienced as Federer has weaknesses. His, he confesses, are there homesickness, jet lag and, initially, aversion to interviews. But don’t worry, now he has overcome it and has reassured us: he had fun undergoing the 73 Vogue questions. In the end someone wanted to send him a special message, find out who by watching our video interview. And stay connected, the one with Federer is only the first of one long series.

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