ITS – International Talent Support 2020 postpones the deadline for applications

ITS – International Talent Support 2020 gives aspiring participants of fashion competitions a few more days.

The current global situation due to Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work, perhaps even dream. But there are realities such as ITS – International Talent Support that are real propagators of positive energies and wish-makers for those who dream of a career in fashion.

ITS2020 Cartoline

“ITS – International Talent Support”, 2020 edition has the theme “Here we belong”.

A very current topic, as Barbara Franchin, the heart and mind of ITS, explained to us in an interview: here stands for here, now, today; We instead it contains our whole concept of group, family, bond, ideology intimately linked to the concept of Belong, which contains our philosophy of belonging to a real ITS Family. The concept belongs to us and we belong to the concept “.

ITS Responsible Fashion

The new edition of ITS will have sustainability as its focal point, thanks to the two new ITS Responsible Fashion Awards powered by Allianz and ITS Responsible Accessories Award powered by Allianz: the winners will receive a prize of € 10,000 and a tutorship on the theme of Responsible Creativity in collaboration with Fashion Revolution. In fact, each participant will be asked to interpret in his own way the concept of green fashion, whether in the choice of the use of materials as well as an approach to the ideation of the garment or accessory, or even jewel, responsible.

The 2020 edition of ITS

International Talent Support will also be special because it will be a milestone in the path that will bring the ITS Family closer to the grand opening of the Academy, scheduled for 2021.

The deadline for submitting applications has been postponed to March 20 and by ITS specify that there will be no penalty if, due to the current situation, the “physical” portfolio arrives late: the important thing, in order to participate, will be the completion of the first part of the application, to be concluded online.

Here all the info To participate.

Here is also how study fashion in coronavirus times

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