ITS – International Talent Support 2020: the new edition is about to start

ITS – International Talent Support 2020: the new edition is about to start

“ITS – International Talent Support”, 2020 edition officially kicks off. “Here we belong” is the claim of the nineteenth edition, as Barbara Franchin, heart and mind of ITS tells us: “It is an immediate claim, easily understandable, but it is also a bridge towards 2021, which will be a special year with the official opening of Arcademy which for us also corresponds to a sort of awareness of our role and the path taken up to here. here stands for here, now, today; We instead it contains our whole concept of group, family, bond, ideology intimately linked to the concept of Belong, which contains our philosophy of belonging to a real ITS Family. The concept belongs to us and we belong to the concept. We also wanted to represent an awareness of bond with nature, with the need to reason in terms of sustainability. The guiding thread of the new edition will then be the concept of Responsible Creativity: every ITS-International Talent Support finalist will be asked to deal with responsibility and awareness. Whether it is a careful approach to the choice of recycled materials or a conceptual approach to green fashionhowever, a responsible creativity approach will be a fundamental element of the planning of the new protagonists of ITS “.

The prizes were also conceived with a view to paying attention to the sustainability of their creative choices. The winner of the two new ITS Responsible Fashion Awards powered by Allianz and ITS Responsible Accessories Awards powered by Allianz will receive a prize of € 10,000 and a tutorship on the theme of Responsible Creativity in collaboration with Fashion Revolution.

ITS – International Talent Support is capable of transforming the dreams of the youngest creatives into reality with the possibility of inserting them in the world of industry, thanks to the collaboration with organizations, companies and companies that support each competition in each edition. Barbara Franchin continues: “It is right for young people to devote themselves completely to free experimentation: it is the task of companies to invest in research and work to achieve the dreams of creatives”.

The 2020 edition will therefore be a milestone in the path that will bring the ITS Family closer to the grand opening of the Academy, which will be hosted in the Palazzo della CRTrieste Foundation. Barbara Franchin continues, thanks to her experience of almost 30 years in the scouting of emerging talents: “I am preparing to transform myself from ‘conservative’ to ‘curator’: a new adventure awaits us. In 2021 we will celebrate the first 20 years of ITS with the grand opening of Arcademy, which will be accompanied by numerous collateral activities: we will present a book dedicated to the research that led us to gather 18,000 portfolios from all over the world; we are working on a docu-film with Davide Del Degan … Above all, we are working hard on the creation of Arcademy itself and its layout. It will be a little archival, a little ark, a little academy. In fact, it will be a place to store and make available to the public, through archival and curatorial work, the beauty and talent of our young creatives: the exhibition path will change in rotation, to allow you to showcase everything collected in these years ; there will be a part dedicated to memorabilia, including set-ups, emails, videos, … there will be an emotional story and a wall of fame with all 600 finalists. Not only that: one multisensory gallery dedicated to textiles and touch will allow you to get ‘physically’ in touch with the materials chosen by the creatives from time to time and finally we will produce copies of the clothes and accessories, in child and adult sizes, in order to play wearing the looks that went down the catwalk during the various editions of the competition to allow you to live the ITS experience “.

The spaces of Arcademy will then host temporary exhibitions is ad hoc courses by age group “that – continues Barbara Franchin – they will see guests from school children to curious people of all ages up to the elderly in nursing homes who will be invited to express their creativity: it will therefore be a real space for the city and for citizens as well as for tourists. The “pop” part will join a plan of “pro” projects dedicated to industry experts: for example, there will be meetings with former finalists who will discuss their career, their path, their right and wrong choices made after the ITS catwalk, or since they joined the ITS Family “.

If ITS, over the years, has slowly established itself as an indispensable appointment in the agendas of fashion talent scouts from all over the world, the new Arcademy project will make Trieste more and more a destination for creatives and fans of fashion, art and culture Worldwide.

If for Arcademy it will be necessary to wait until the official opening set for July 15, 2021, to enter the 2020 edition of the competition, the deadline for sending applications is set for March 15.

Here all the info To partecipate.

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