Jean-Paul Gaultier: fashion and couture in the new podcast

Jean-Paul Gaultier showed for the last time in Paris last January: nearly 200 catwalk looks that “recalled his role as a pioneer of inclusiveness, the fluidity of genres, the reversal of beauty standards and stereotypes, in addition to his sartorial mastery “. So says Maria Grazia Meda, who for Vogue Italia interviewed the enfant terrible of couture. The long interview came out in the March issue, and anticipated the declaration of March 4, which marked the birth of a new Haute Couture project: each new collection will be the result of a collaboration with a guest designer. The first invited to work side by side with Gaultier is Sacai’s Chitose Abe.

Meanwhile, here is the podcast with the interview of Maria Grazia Meda to Jean-Paul Gaultier and the voices of Paola Francesca Frasca and Riccardo Bursi alumni of the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Theater in Milan:

Vogue Italia had already dedicated a podcast of the “Of Love and Style” series to the creative and his relationship with Madonna. From the beginnings of Gaultier himself, who designs his first pointed bra for the teddy bear Nanà, to the phone call with which Madonna asks him to design his looks for the Blonde Ambition tour of 1990, when the iconic bra will finally travel the world, worn by the singer who will make him eternal: the podcast traces the careers of the two creatives who, one day, perhaps, will marry. At least in the dreams of Jean Paul Gaultier, who says he has asked her to marry three times. Hear the story here:

The interview with Jean-Paul Gaultier was published, as we said, in the March issue whose cover, says the director Emanuele Farneti in his editorial, is the “First, in the history of the newspaper, dedicated to a girl who is not there”:

Here is also the English version of the editorial:

To learn more about the artist Cupid (@cupidsvault), famous for having signed the visual of the cover of Willow Smith’s Willow album, listen instead to the podcast with the interview by Vittoria Filippi Gabardi:

Did you know that Mr. Levi Strauss has never worn a pair of denim jeans, despite having patented them? And that 60 pairs are sold every second in the world? What does the date 20 May 1873 represent for jeans? And why did Bing Crosby risk being denied a hotel room? Have you ever wondered what denim sounds like? And how can you recognize a Levi’s, a Lee and a Wrangler simply by looking at a piece of fabric?

Here are six curiosities you may not know about the world of denim and jeans: two terms that, as you will discover by listening to our podcast, have not always been synonyms (and for purists they are not yet).

If you want to know the story of Louis Armstrong, his home in New York and his career, listen to the podcast written by Lella Scalia and read by Simone Tempia.

He was 80 years old on 14 October last Ralph Lauren, born Lifshitz in the Bronx by Belarusian parents. Giovanni Montanaro in the fourth podcast of the Masters of Fashion series describes him as “a poor boy, who became very rich, who changed his name to look more American, to be able to change his life too”. No one better than he embodies the American dream, in which luck helps the daring and those who work hard.

Alexander McQueen and Annabelle Nielson, the stylist capable of mixing grotesque and sublime and the socialite who wrote books for children: the new episode of Of Love and Style tells of the liason between the fashion hooligan and his muse.

Raffaele Panizza talks about their friendship in the fifth podcast of the Of Love and Style series:

The fourth podcast of the series is dedicated to the stylist – but also director and screenwriter – Thomas Carlyle Ford, or Tom Ford and Bianca Jagger, born Perez-Mora Macias in Nicaragua and the first and only wife of the singer of the Rolling Stones. The narrative traces the lives of the two creatives until their meeting at Studio54, when she was already an icon. Listen to the podcast to find out all about their creative liason:

If you want to hear the story of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean of the transatlantic Christopher Columbus, who in 1956 brought eight models of noble origins to New York to represent as many fashion houses, captained by Giambattista Giorgini, the organizer of the first fashion shows in Italy, you will discover the first podcast of the series “Fashion Tales”:

At the link you will find all the Vogue Italia podcasts: every Thursday we will reveal other tracks to listen to. Get ready to “a surprising and immersive experience in the world of Vogue Italia, which in its new formula has chosen to use words, and not only the image, to tell the magic of fashion and its protagonists”, as director Emanuele Farneti explained at the launch of the new project.

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