Jennifer Lopez: chic look in a bathrobe

Jennifer Lopez and the “bathrobe style”

Yes sometimes JLo it exaggerates and gives us inside with the bling bling style. However, while not always sharing her fashion choices, it must be admitted that she has an enviable ability to be impeccable in all circumstances. Jenny from the block it is a concentrate of pure glamor, from the red carpet to the yoga mat. Today more than ever, his approach to fashion can be inspiring while spending days of smartworking and weekend on the sofa.

2019, during the filming of the film Hustlers in New York

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No mini dress or palazzo pants: the new item to copy a Jennifer Lopez is thebathrobe. The design and materials of this classic loungewear they have the primary purpose of drying the body after showers and baths, of course, but they can be perfect for staying at home in complete comfort. JLo he wears it on set, usually on stage clothes, in monochromatic versions and in basic shades: pure white, Navy blue is light grey. The cut is also traditional, with belt at the waist, knee length and hood.

2019, JLo on the set of Hustlers

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What about accessories? Well, of course the choice is tied to the outfit hidden by the bathrobe, it goes by a couple of sandals with high heel open toe pumps, in shades of silver, white and red, to give a lively touch of color. There is also the ultra casual version, or the one in which the bathrobe is combined with a pair of soft ones UGG camel color.

2019, JLo during the filming of the film Marry Me at the Rockefeller Center in New York

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Ultimately, the bathrobe is perfect to be used as a dressing gown above sports outfits, couture pajamas, or as icing on a cake comfy chic look, with soft pants and light cardigans. On the other hand, it is a garment that has distinguished i look of many movie stars, is Jennifer Lopez is no exception. To wear it at its best, its secret is to focus on plain color, on theamplitude of the garment (which must always be soft) and the material: better than sponge.

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