JW Anderson x UNIQLO: the new SS 2020 collection

Born with the aim of reinterpreting the classics of English tradition with the unmistakable LifeWear aesthetics of the Japanese brand, the collaboration between JW Anderson and UNIQLO continues with the launch of a new, delicious collection for spring summer 2020. The theme? British Country Style, which according to the style of Jonathan Anderson translates into a proposal for man, woman and – for the first time – child who combines a minimal design functional details and motifs such as checks, stripes and patchwork. On the occasion of the official launch of the collection, scheduled for March 12, we asked Jonathan Anderson to tell us the behind the scenes of this important project, from inspiration to references, passing through the English countryside and, of course, kidswear. Here’s everything he told us.

The collaboration with UNIQLO began three years ago around the theme “British Heritage Meets LifeWear – British Classics. Designed for life today. ” What are the classics of the British wardrobe you are most fond of that you wanted to reinterpret for Uniqlo?
The shirts from the women’s collection were really interesting. There is nothing better than a men’s shirt for a woman. You can wear it with a tuxedo jacket or dress with jeans. The same with striped shirts. I’m always interested in exploring how we can dress really well in many different ways. I love taking archetypes and reinventing them, really getting the essence of what the product is. This is very JW Anderson: take more things and recontextualize them.

The theme of the new SS 2020 collection is British Country Style. From which references did you start to explore this topic?
Looking at the English countryside, especially when I was living in London, I was really interested in this idea of ​​coming from the country to the city with a collection that is very transferable. Whenever a collection with UNIQLO comes to mind, it has two destinations. JW Anderson is a British brand, so I like to explore British-style classicism and for UNIQLO, the brand is very focused on LifeWear, so it’s about taking the British style and making it harder by using innovative fabrics and features.

What are your favorite places in the English countryside?
I have a house in Norfolk, which is not too far from London, but is very peaceful and quiet.

What items do you think are the best sellers in the collection? And what are your favorites?
I love the checkered jacket and pants. I really like it as a complete look, I think there is something really exciting about this. There are many pieces in the collection that refer to pieces or details that we have explored in the JW Anderson collections over the past ten years: the logos on the wrist detail; the men’s shirt for women.

This season also sees the launch of the children’s line. As a child, did you decide what to wear or did you let your parents do?
I grew up in Ireland, which means I got to really understand and appreciate the purpose and functionality behind the clothing. It is the first time that we have created children’s clothing, so it was a very fun exercise. My brother just had a baby, so it all makes sense. I like the idea of ​​miniature versions of the main collection and I think what is really nice is that you have that idea of ​​family, that idea of ​​duplication.

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