Kamala Harris Styled Timberlands With Skinny Jeans

As I pointed out last month, Senator Kamala Harris has been wearing her signature pearl necklaces for over 30 years, so it’s obvious that it won’t stop now that she is officially the Democratic candidate for vice-president. presidency. However, while we’re used to seeing her wearing pearls with pantsuits for big speeches and debates, her more laid-back campaign style is now being watched more closely than ever.

Harris landed in California to visit fire-damaged areas near Fresno, host a panel discussion on the impact of the pandemic on Latin American families, deliver food to firefighters and meet with supporters. For the busy day, Harris chose the most practical, coolest and most reliable outfit: Timberland boots, skinny jeans, a military jacket and a white t-shirt. And yes, she also added her beloved pearl necklace. Much like she did with her Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, Harris managed to rock the internet on a classic shoe style. Scroll down to see how Senator Kamala Harris designed the Timberland boots.

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