KASSL Editions autumn winter 2020 2021 collection

KASSL Editions autumn winter 2020 2021 collection

KASSL Editions for the autumn-winter 2020 2021 collection, designed by Camille Serra, to the outerwear line – the product on which the brand originally concentrated – now also adds a range of bags made with advanced materials from the production of the coats. The brand was born as a single-product brand by the fashion agent Bart Ramakers and the duo at the helm of the Antwerp concept store, Graanmarkt 13, Tim van Geloven is Ilse Cornelisseus.

The goal is to create pieces that are capable of last for generations, both for the timeless style and for the very high quality. The brand thus plays with the stylistic repeatability that can be obtained thanks to the sharing of fabrics between the outerwear and bags, but which, at the same time, can be interrupted due to the combination of contrasting materials.

Autumn winter 2020 2021 collection

There autumn winter 2020 2021 collection it is made of outerwear, classic in their origin, but revisited thanks to a fresh approach that characterizes the creations of KASSL Editions. The jacket fisherman, which represented the brand’s starting point, is offered in a short version with oversized sleeves and in a traditional beige, unusual for this model.

The overcoat in a thin woolen cloth is built inside out, showing all the heat-seams that are deliberately proposed in an optical white, contrasting with the neutral tones of the garment. The overcoat is also presented in version ciré in a bright intense blue or in a delicate satin with pastel shades; to this is added a short jacket windbreaker from the classic military green matelassé or with a slightly shaded animal print.

The bags introduced in this collection are all of the pillow bag, that is padded both in the structure and in the handles, sometimes even knotted due to the softness, and declined in the various models, shopping, clutch and shoulder strap that are connected to the style of the coats of the season, sharing their materials and textures. The leather versions are therefore flanked by the waxed and satin ones, re-proposing the patterns of the outerwear.

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