Katie Holmes Wore the Patchwork Denim Trend

Katie Holmes’ style might be laid back, but it’s certainly not devoid of trends. Just like us, denim is something she really leans into, so it’s a great source of on-trend inspiration if you want to shake things up. While walking in New York City this week, Holmes wore a denim trend that is currently going under the radar but could certainly develop as fall and winter progress. The micro-trend we’re talking about is patchwork denim.

Quilting, in general, is a trend this season, so it’s only natural that it gives denim a makeover as well, especially since sustainable, recycled denim is such a thing these days. My research revealed that patchwork jeans are the most popular form of the trend, but Holmes opted for a double-breasted patchwork denim jacket, which she paired with jeans, resulting in a cool Canadian tuxedo.

Keep scrolling to pick up the patchwork denim micro-trend that Katie Holmes wisely approves.

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