Knitted bralette: the new Mango model

In cashmere blend sweater, warm but not too hot, and therefore perfect for spring. Comfortable (and therefore ideal for staying at home), but always very feminine. There Bralette – that is, the mix of top and bra to be worn also under cardigans and jackets – which Katie Holmes launched in her luxury interpretation by Khaite does not seem to know decline.

After i Zara models (worn beautifully by Mariacarla Boscono) sold out in a few days, now also Mango puts online a knitted top with a natural look and with minimal lines, offering a series of ideas for styling.

Here are three different interpretations if you are still undecided whether to invest in this garment.

Elegant. With the suit

For an unexpected and sexy touch under the blazer. A little bold, but effective

Under the trench coat

To cope with sudden summer storms

Relax. Instead of the top, loungewear style

At home, by the sea, for a warm climate look

Chic. With the vest

Contemporary elegance as an anti-boredom strategy. Instead of the T-shirt, the bralette

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