Lady D, Diana’s most beautiful jewels

Lady D’s finest jewels, some of which inherited from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. In the selection, the famous sapphire engagement ring, the pearl choker reluctantly worn by Diana (here we explain why!) And the brooch also worn by Camilla Parker Bowles

When the news arrives that Prince Charles has officially engaged to Diana, his wardrobe is simple, consisting of long dresses, silk blouses, comfortable shoes and a necklace with the initial “D”.

The necklace with the initial “D”

© Tim Graham

Not even theengagement ring follows the royal tradition: it is a piece chosen from the Garrard catalog, consisting of a 12 carat blue sapphire and 14 diamonds as a frame (since 2010 it shines on Kate Middleton’s finger). That choice profoundly marked the fashions of the time, abandoning the idea that for the marriage proposal it is necessary to have a solitaire with a mega diamond in your pocket: everyone dreams of a engagement ring like that of Lady D. And it is only the appetizer if we think of the 80s and 90s, when Diana becomes ainternational style icon.

Diana receives the wedding gift tiara Lover’s Knot by Queen Elizabeth II: the jewel dates back to 1913, and was created by the court jewelers Gerrard & Co., on the wishes of Queen Mary who wanted a replica of the tiara of her grandmother, Princess Augsburg of Hesse-Kassel. The piece is composed of a series of diamonds and pearls set in a rhythmic sequence. Everyone expected to see her on her wedding day, July 29, 1981, but at the last minute Diana chooses a piece of her family, the Spencer tiara, characterized by a sequence of diamond hearts. British tabloids will comment on the fact like this “Lady D enters the royal family without forgetting to be a Spencer“. Symptom of a rebellious soul that will take shape in the following years, animated by the constant quarrels about the relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

After his death, the tiara returns to the Spencers to be worn, 25 years later, by her granddaughter Celia McCorquodale, for the wedding; Lover’s Knot, on the other hand, will be seen on Kate Middleton’s head several times, since her wedding day with Prince William.

When the firstborn is born, Prince Charles gives her a gold chain bracelet, with the commitment that every year will enrich it with a charms. Despite the disagreements, the promise is kept for 10 years. To celebrate Harry’s birth, he will give her a set – earrings and necklace – with delicate golden butterflies: today the precious ones butterfly I’m inside Meghan Markle’s chest.

The gold chain bracelet

© Tim Graham

Everyone, however, at the real Polo games, note the two watches Diana wears: one is from her husband, the other a gift from Charles of England for the 20 years, a £ 4,000 gold Ellipse by Philippe Pateck which for the Princess is a symbol of the time they would have spent together. Therefore, no sign of vanity.

Among Lady Diana’s favorite jewels is the parure of Burmese sapphires, received as a gift from the Saudi royal family for the wedding. The most famous piece, however, was created by the Princess herself who disassembled the gems from the ring and watch to create a choker with a blue velvet stand, also used as a band.

The set of Burmese sapphires

© Tim Graham

Choker with Burmese sapphire and blue velvet support

© Tim Graham

Choker with Burmese sapphire and blue velvet support, used as a band

© Tim Graham

Lady D has not owned only sapphires: it is indeed famous the diamond and emerald bracelet made by the mayfair jeweler, Wartski, as well as a wedding gift from Prince Charles. For many years he was left in the jewelry box, to return to his wrist in 1997, a few months before the fatal accident. She wears it with a pair of earrings, also a present from her ex-husband, and the choker donated by Queen Elizabeth II.

Diamond and emerald choker, used as a band

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Earrings, choker and bracelet of emeralds and diamonds

© Tim Graham

Also the unforgettableAsprey ring, the aquamarine ring that we saw on Meghan Markle’s finger, on her wedding day with Harry. Lady D wore it after the divorce, instead of theengagement ring of sapphire and diamonds.

If Queen Elizabeth II is a lover of pins (so much so as to send coded messages to her people), Lady D prefers other trinkets to adorn the look. There is however a piece shown several times as a necklace: it is the brooch with the three feathers of Wales with cabochon cut emerald drop pendant. The jewel became part of the British royal family as a wedding gift to Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863, when she married King Edward VII then Prince of Wales. After Diana’s death, the brooch returned to Kensington Palace, but in 2006 it was revised on Camilla Parker Bowles’ jacket, the second wife of Prince Charles and his eternal rival. A gesture considered by the most in bad taste.

The brooch with the three feathers and emerald cabochon

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And finally the pearls, also loved at a young age when she is not yet engaged to Carlo. When she becomes Princess, she expands her collection with earrings, bracelets, crew neck glue and sautoir, the latter worn to adorn the deep necklines on the back.

Among all the jewels with pearls loved by Diana, however, there is a choker that will wear only twice and unwillingly: it is theCarlo’s last gift, before the definitive crisis of 1985, when they live separately. It’s about a necklace of white and gray pearls, created by Leo de Vroomen.

Three strand pearl choker

© Tim Graham

The necklace of white and gray pearls

© Princess Diana Archive

Seven-strand pearl choker with central sapphire, gift from Queen Elizabeth II

© Tim Graham

Necklace and earrings with maxi pearls

© Tim Graham

Pearl and diamond necklace

© Tim Graham

Drop earrings with pearls

© Tim Graham

And finally a ring that Diana never wore, the pledge of love of Dodi, of white and yellow gold, studded with diamonds, of the line Dis-moi oui by Alberto Repossi. It seems that Al-Fayed chose him at Place Vendome, right next to the Ritz: but this story is still veiled by too many mysteries, there are those who claim that it was found among the wreckage of the accident of 31 August 1997 and those who deny completely the existence of the jewel.

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