Lady Diana’s letters go up for auction

Lady Diana over time it has become a pop icon. His tragic death further sculpted his figure in the collective imagination, giving rise to a cult of the image which, today, also manifests itself with the creation of real “relics” that have started to become an object of sale.

Among the various memorabilia that have found their most flourishing market, there are the letters sent by Diana to various people and personalities. The last ones to end up at the auction are two letters sent by the Princess to Sergeant Plumb of Scotland Yard to thank him for a very special favor.

Which? To have participated, together with the police on motorcycle, to the seventh birthday of the Prince William. In the letter, written in fist by Diana, you can read all the gratitude of a mother for the happiness of her son: “I know that you are particularly busy in this period, so the fact that you and your boys on motorcycles have found time to taking part in the birthday party means even more to us. This letter reaches you as warmly as possible thanks. Sincerely yours Diana, William and Harry. “

The letter, which is also accompanied by another letter signed by Diana and written by her companion to the head of Sergeant Plumb.

The two letters, auctioned by the William George Auctions of Peterborough, have an auction base of £ 7,500. And who knows that Prince William has no intention of regaining such a personal memory …

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