Laser nostalgia. Interview with Massimo Giorgetti

The laser nostalgia of all the clubs in Italy, the Cocoricò of Riccione, should have reopened on 11 April. But like a bouncer, the virus has prevented five thousand bodies from gathering under its pyramid. And in all likelihood we will face a summer of “social distance”, where we will not feel the taste of salt on the skin of others but we will imagine it looking at us from afar. It will, perhaps, be a tailless Ibiza for Pacha. A Belgium without Tomorrowland (the French March date has already been skipped). A Romagna without aperitifs piled up under the console of the deejays. But the strength of memory remains (and of images like this, taken by Massimo Vitali), which in some remains so alive as to forge tastes, destiny, a whole life. «I was born in Romagna and spent fifteen years in clubs», says the founder of the MSGM brand Massimo Giorgetti, who translated those psychedelic lights into his creations: «We were totally carefree and we got into debt just to present ourselves at night with the right look : the kids of today, because of the climate and the economy that is always struggling, are much more aware of us ». Born in 1977 in Longiano, on the hills of Santarcangelo di Romagna, he launched his collection in 2009 with the words of Isabella Santacroce in mind: «He described those years in the book Fluo: stories of young people in Riccione. And it is no coincidence that all early MSGM garments were fluorescent like that novel. The beats of house music that I transformed into digital acid prints formed my imagination and all my imagination ».

One of the images of the Romagna clubs taken by Massimo Vitali, a photographer who loves to capture crowded beaches, clubs and parks, to tell the story of Italian society.


What summer will it be?
A strange summer, where, however, we will enjoy Italy. We will all have to team up and ask our followers to return to enjoy our country, palm by palm.

What is your first memory of Romagna’s beaches?
I grew up in a large country house: dad had a small construction company and mom worked in a poultry farm. Thirteen uncles, two of whom with an embroidery and printing company for Charro and Best Company, thirty-five cousins ​​and fifty grandchildren. I was happy but I wanted autonomy, so at the age of fourteen I took the scooter and went to Cesenatico to work as a lifeguard. I fixed the umbrellas, cleaned the walkways. And I was dating bigger people who introduced me to the world of clubs.

Were the ladies on vacation doing the trick?
Yes, those with their husbands in Bologna to work, leave them alone. As a teenager I was heterosexual, even bisexual I would say, and in a cabin of my bathhouse I made love for the first time with a girl from Cesena. On your feet, very uncomfortable, clumsy: I can’t say it was beautiful.

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Opening: Massimo Giorgetti (was born in Rimini in 1977) is the founder of MSGM and a connoisseur of the Romagna nightlife, whose fluorescent lights have translated into his collections.

Read the full interview with Massimo Giorgetti on the April issue of Vogue Italia, on newsstands.

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