Leanne uncovers Simon’s drug dealing as traumatised Sam lashes

Coronation Street’s Leanne Battersby learns the truth about Simon dealing drugs and has no idea how to handle it as she struggles to mourn Oliver.

And after Nick’s son Sam witnessed a horror assault during one of Simon’s drug addicts with his boss Jacob, Simon’s lies came to light.

Simon corners Sam and assures him that what he witnessed was just a joke and that no one was hurt – but Sam doesn’t believe him.

Nick is happy when he thinks he sees them getting along so well, but when he gets a call from school to say that Sam has had a seizure and injured another child, Nick is worried.

Sam refuses to open up but when Jacob calls into the cafe, Sam recognizes him and is terrified, wearing himself out as fast as he can.

After finally convincing him the truth, Nick confronts Simon about his drug dealing, and Leanne is completely horrified.

Leanne demands to know the truth, but Simon lies and claims that what Sam saw was just a joke.

Nick doesn’t believe a word and orders Simon to stay away from Sam.

Simon tells Jacob he’s got his bag back and is ready to make the delivery, but when an angry Leanne confronts him with the packets of coke, Simon cracks.

Video: Coronation Street Soap Scoop! Drug dealer Jacob gets nastier (Digital Spy (UK))

Coronation Street soap scoop! Drug dealer Jacob gets meaner



Revealing that he is dealing drugs because someone has to put food on the table, he walks out, leaving Leanne heartbroken.

Back home, Leanne promises she’ll be fine but tells Simon that they have to go to the police and report Jacob.

Simon is horrified, explaining that he owes his boss money and that he will kill him for pushing him.

Leanne confides in Toyah about what Sam said and, horrified, Toyah urges Leanne to deal with Simon properly.

But sensitive Leanne takes it as a dig at her parenting skills, and when Simon comes home with Jacob in tow, a shaken Leanne retreats to her bedroom.

Leanne gets up to find Jacob and Simon counting their money for drugs, and when she objects, Jacob searches his dead son.

Leanne turns around but trying to grab her she shatters Oliver’s beloved music box and is completely devastated and breathless.

Leanne begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop selling, but Simon points out the hard truth – they need the money.

A desperate Leanne tells Carla Connor that Simon is derailed and that she needs to talk to Peter, and Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved.

Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon – but will he agree?

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