Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: second child on the way

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: encore parents soon

Leighton Meester is Adam Brody.
Blair Waldorf is Seth Cohen, in our addicted teen drama heads.

Calculator, spoiled and snobbish (without ever being able to be hated by the public) Blair in Gossip Girl, the series that consecrated her alongside Serena van Der Woodsen – Blake Lively.

Clumsy, ironic and tremendously romantic (raise your hand if you have not loved it madly since the first episode) Seth in The O.C., who for a few years had seen him madly in love both inside and outside of Summer’s show – Rachel Bilson (isn’t there any similarity between you and Leighton?).

In reality it seems that the two actors are characteristically very different.
33 years old she and 40 him, the couple, who met during the shooting of the film The Oranges in 2011, she immediately had a close relationship and has always managed to keep a certain distance from the spotlight, avoiding posting private life on social networks. Work and family are two very different aspects of life that the two actors understandably decided to keep separate.

And so, without too much media attention or prying eyes, you are engaged in 2013, married in 2014 and had theirs first daughter, Arlo Day Brody, a year later, in August 2015.

And it is precisely in the “intimacy” of their neighborhood in Los Angeles that they have been paparazzi since Daily Mail as they strolled with their firstborn in the stroller and a evident Leighton belly (not exactly in the first months of pregnancy, say), which had not been seen in public for a long time. Second child on the way therefore for one of the most loved and reserved couples in Hollywood, who made many dream first in fiction and then in reality. For the moment it seems that the news has not been officially confirmed, but the photos leave very little room for doubt.

“Once in year we have a Seth and Blair day” they had joked in an old (and rare) couple interview.
Irony and confidentiality: are these the ingredients of a lasting Hollywood relationship?

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