Letizia Ortiz: the most beautiful looks of the Queen of Spain

It was May 22, 2004 when the journalist Letizia Ortiz groom Philip of Bourbon. A marriage initially frowned upon by the Spanish royal family. A lot of years have passed since then. After the abdication of kings Juan CarlosPhilip, prince of Asturias and heir to the Iberian throne, became king of Spain. And consequently, Princess Letizia, mother of her two daughters, has become Queen. And today, with its style and bearing, it seems to have been part of that world forever.

Letizia has always focused on a simple and bon ton elegance made of business suits, sheath dresses, sober dresses and precious long dresses. His minimalist and refined approach it is always impeccable. The Queen of Spain loves to dare only with colors: she is a fan of red, which shows off as a detail or in a total look. And the result is always perfect.

Look at the style gallery dedicated to Letizia Ortiz Queen of Spain.

Updated on January 10, 2019 at 10:00 am.

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