Letter to the king, Freud, Ultras: three new TV series to watch now

Three Netflix TV series not to be missed are now available

The spring of Netflix’s offers is getting richer. The month of March, started under the banner of unruly students of Elite 3 and continued with the Rebel Cheerleaders of Try to challenge me, continues with genres that are very different from each other, but always capable of attracting a curious audience. And in this period more frustrated than ever by forced imprisonment. Here, then, a trio of alternatives to boredom not to be missed.


The six-episode miniseries Letter to the King, who also boasts Andy Serkis (who lent his voice and movements to Gollum, King Kong and the leader of the new Planet of the Apes), rides the fascination for costumed stories, the so-called period drama, mixing a fascinating past and obscure to a value system tied to knights and armor. There are no dragons or other creatures in style Game of Thrones – the series returns with a marathon from 26th on a dedicated Sky channel – but also this time it is a literary adaptation, for the precision of the novel of the same name by the Dutch writer Tonke Dragt. Let’s go in order: there are two warring realms (Dagonaut and Unauwen), whose fate seems to be in the hand of a letter delivered to the king of the latter. This tale in fantasy sauce is a mistery to the death, but at the same time also the most classic of teen drama, in a cocktail that promises to entertain, entertain and even hold your breath between fights, military strategies and heart pounding.

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The father of psychoanalysis is not what we would have expected: he is thirty years old, handsome and (almost) always casual. Or at least try to flaunt a self-assurance that he does not fully possess. Try to assert your theories and methods, starting from hypnosis, in front of skeptical and irreverent colleagues. Freud attends sophisticated and full of excesses environments, but tries to sort the beliefs of the time, from sex to hysteria, leveraging the concept of the unconscious. Accomplice a sensual medium and a willing policeman, his clinical investigations alternate with fifty shades of horror. As if to say that there are no borders between biopic and yellow. Unpredictable and a little disturbing.


In these weeks without football tick the feature film Ultras, directorial debut of Francesco Lettieri, who tells the story of the Neapolitan supporters. In a documentary-style collection, they are seen three generations of fans, like mirrors from different eras. The pack and the individual: these stories intertwine like a frame on the sidelines and attract fans with an almost magnetic appeal. Among them also the story of Angelo, a 16 year old boy whose brother, Sasà, died during one of the clashes of the favorite team. It is a mosaic of faces and experiences, in short, tied together by the victories and defeats on a field that look from a perspective of familiarity as if in fact a life or a parade depended on life. Once again sport is proposed as a very powerful metaphor.

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