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In the wake of their debut album, high-profile collaborations with Selena Gomez and Cardi B, and an October cover of IT, Blackpink is gearing up for another big step: the release of their own Netflix documentary. The first trailer for Blackpink: Light up the sky has arrived and it offers an intimate look at the four members – Rosé, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo – during the most successful year of their careers so far.

Blackpink’s documentary will be released on Wednesday, October 14, just days after their eight-track debut album Album hit the top of iTunes. This new project offers the band’s legion of dedicated fans (known as BLINKs) unprecedented access to the musical process and life situation of Blackpink.

Years before their debut in 2016, the women of Blackpink were trained in an intensive popstar boot camp that included a dorm-style lifestyle. “We’ve all lived together from the start,” Jennie told ELLE. “After our training time was over, we would go home together and order food, talk about the fear of teachers, work too hard. And just like the way kids in school become friends, we hit it off. It was very easy – we didn’t really have to try. “

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BLACKPINK: LIGHT THE SKY is directed by Caroline Suh (Salt, fat, acid, heat) and explores their rise in popularity and the private challenges of new fame. Here’s how Netflix describes the document:

As Blackpink continues to reach new heights in their career – from headlining sold-out world tours to becoming the first Korean girl group to perform at Coachella – each member reflects on the ups and downs of the world. fame and the long and often difficult journey that brought them to worldwide success. BLACKPINK: LIGHT THE SKY reveals the relatable and unfiltered sides of the quartet, which continue to be a major force in expanding K-pop popularity, proving that music knows no boundaries or language barriers.

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The first trailer also includes concert footage from Blackpink’s latest world tour, a nostalgic inclusion for fans who will have to wait several months for any new live show. But when the band can safely play their new album on tour, Jisoo told ELLE they were more than ready. “We are moved by our fans,” she said. “We feel their sadness and their happiness. We are deeply connected. ”

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