Look for videocall: which shirts and tops to wear

For videocalls, the perfect look is with patterned blouses and shirts or with romantic and precious details

Staying in touch today is more important than ever. Between smartworking is chat with friends, the videocall they are the means of communication that most of all manages to make us feel close, shortening distances and condensing them into the thickness of a screen. As with any meeting, professional or otherwise, it is good not to overlook theclothing not even for a simple informal video call, trying to show off our style even in these circumstances. Obviously, being able to create a look of all point and having the opportunity to show it as a whole is almost impossible, given that the shot has the limit of face and neck. For this reason the secret lies in focusing on simplicity in skirts and trousers, daring instead with top, blouses is shirts.

It starts from design. Instead of the classic triangle collar, you can bet on garments with romantic and bohemian details, like high and curled necks, necklines decorated with ruffles, or shoulders made voluminous by a cascade of ruffles. These models, especially if in delicate shades such as white or blue, can be exploited for both professional reasons, like various meetings, both for a moment of sweetness with the distant partner.

If you prefer to stay on a more basic and essential cut, opt for blouses in prints and intense colors: floral, in pastel shades, striped or polka dot, to give a touch of liveliness to your outfit. In this case, the polka dots (especially black and white), the stripes and the geometric prints are preferable in regards to videocall of the working sphere, while if you organize one group chat with friends, dare with the different colors of the iris from cherry red to bright green.

Finally, a very versatile and elegant passe-partout model is the one with the jewel decoration. Brooches, flakes is precious ribbons they are perfect for both smartworking than for a gallant dinner at a distance and, why not, even by candlelight. Also, don’t forget theimportance of the fabric. A lace shoulder strap, a chiffon neckline or silk flounces always know how give a luxury twist to any outfit.

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