Louis Vuitton: new luxury line for fitness

Louis Vuitton presents a new line of sports equipment

For Louis Vuitton, luxury is a broad and all-encompassing concept, not limited to clothing, which flows into realities such as travel, collecting, interior design. It is what the maison defines The Art of Living, the art of living, or a concession to aesthetics and excess even in everyday life. Between decks of cards and customized earphones, there is also space for the fitness, with a line of Sports equipment which includes several training accessories. Perfect to keep for a home workout, the weights, the rope and the ping pong set are unique pieces that join the functionality the unmistakable refinement and elegance of the brand.

We start with i dumbbells, a set of two pieces each weighing 3 kg. With a silver and polished metal structure, they are finished with engraved details at the ends, where the brand logo is shown. The handle is covered with the classic Eclipse monogram canvas, always a classic of the signed accessory Louis Vuitton, with black base on which the dark gray logo motif stands out. Here too, the edges are engraved with the LV symbol.

There Christopher rope is a couture reinterpretation of the traditional aerobic accessory. The long wire is made in black leather woven with parts in fabric, which are joined by grips with metal structure covered with dark monogram canvas (also here in the version Eclipse, black with logo in shades of gray).

Finally, to complete the selection is a table tennis set James, with two professional rackets is four balls of regulatory size and weight (i.e. those used by players on the pitch). Each element has its own case of Eclipse monogram canvas, with zippers and silver metal clip buttons.

Luxury accessories, that extra collector, enthusiast, a gift to be given if you want to own a unique object.

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