Luxury delivery: gourmet gifts and dinners directly at home

In Milan quarantine, the restaurants are closed. Coronavirus infection is frightening and the (right) government provisions on the distance to be kept in public places certainly do not encourage people to go out.

This is why chefs and restaurateurs organize themselves to change, even temporarily, their business: there are those who offer a 5-star delivery service and those looking to deal with mandatory closures with initiatives such as #milanokeepsoncooking. The chefs involved in the initiative will be called upon to create video recipes to be redone at home, posting them on the IG account (@milanokeepsoncooking) to demonstrate in Milan, Italy and the whole world that Italian cuisine and creativity in the kitchen is not stops.

Deluxe sushi arrives by taxi

For those who cannot cook or in any case do not want to give up the pleasure of a perfect dinner directly at home, there is always the take away or delivery option. Even luxury.

For example, chef Wicky Priyan, who has developed a special menu to be consumed at home or in the office. The proposal includes cold dishes (including the “carpaccio of the 5 continents”, the “mixed sashimi”, the “Scottish Angus tartare” etc.), sushi (“Maki Salmone”, “Maki Angus”, “Maki Crab” etc. .) and hot meat and fish dishes (“Kyoto history black cod”, “Cod tempura”, “Magica” – or sea bass fillet served with Champagne sauce flavored with lemon and soy or the pig “WiKakuni Kyoto” etc. .), which can be booked over the phone and collected in biodegradable packs, with a 10% discount on the paper price. In addition to the takeaway, a service is available delivery by taxi in the area of ​​the Municipality of Milan with rapid delivery, from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour of waiting.

Maki Crab and Maki Salmon from Wicky

The pizza is supportive

Eataly meanwhile has launched the initiative Good pizza 2 times: from 9 to 31 March, Eataly will donate 1 euro to the Sacco hospital in Milan for every pizza sold throughout Italy. Also Crust, ovens with kitchen he mobilized: for each pizza sold 2 euros (1 euro added to the customer’s account and 1 from the pizzeria) will be donated to the Milanese hospital on the front line against infectious diseases.

In the meantime, too the master pizza chef from Salerno Antonino Esposito has decided to upgrade the home delivery service, which will be valid for lunch and dinner. If you have never tried his pizzas, do it now: palate and mood will thank you. Among the doughs you can choose between hemp flour, cereals, Venus rice and the classic type 0, 1 and wholemeal, enriched with beer, infusion of Sorrento lemon, wine and wild fennel.
The fillings are also original, based on Sorrento lemons, Piennolo del Vesuvio cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania and Agerola provola, anchovies from Cetara, Controne bean. The choice is yours from rich menu of Cosi fa.

Antonino Esposito’s pizzas

© Gisele Bundchen eats pizza backstage

Aperitifs and desserts, Japanese and Sicilian is the delivery service of quality that selects pastry shops, restaurants, flower shops, beauty and design to choose classy gifts (and self-gifts). In these days of quarantine, he is strengthening his choice by offering free home delivery and contactless delivery service to everyone (it means that if you prefer your order will be deposited on the landing without the need for contacts).

Among the delicacies offered also i Sicilian sweets by Filippo La Mantia, the pastry shop of Heinz Beck the focaccias of Voce Aimo and Nadia. A novelty among the available stores is the Japanese pastry Hiromi, recently opened in Milan after arriving a few years ago in Rome: a pack with five delicious assorted Japanese sweets costs 21 euros and is certainly a welcome gift. For those who prefer to focus on flowers, the choice to refine your bouquets and floral arrangements is remarkable. There is no shortage of alcohol and also the possibility to order a nice and ready aperitif: for example, Davide Longoni’s assortment of focaccia for four people. For those who do not want to overdo it but want sweets, excellent proposals from the Raw raw chocolate pastry.

Even Carlo Cracco’s desserts and chocolate can recently be purchased online on the chef’s new e-commerce site.

Opening photo:

Heinz Beck’s little patisserie on

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