Madonna with the mask on the 1985 cover

«Nothing is like the first time … My first cover! #staysafe », he exclaimed Madonna on Instagram, reminding his followers the importance of personal protective equipment like masks, through a meme of his 1985 cover.

The cover of the singer’s first album, entitled “Madonna the first album”, was reinterpreted by a fan of the artist who, through a photomontage, applied a surgical mask on Madonna’s face.

The web designer who made the digital collage he is a huge fan of Madonna and, on Instagram, he shared some variations on the theme “Madonna in mask”, through the reinterpretation of several covers of the singer.

Madonna, Hard Candy. Meme by @izzagar_graphic © Instagram

Madonna, True Blue. Meme by @izzagar_graphic © Instagram

Madonna, Like A Virgin. Meme by @izzagar_graphic © Instagram

Madonna, The First Album. Meme by @izzagar_graphic © Instagram

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