Manhattan’s Food Gems Sparkle in This Book

For nearly three years, Reggie Nadelson documented about a century of Manhattan history by visiting his longtime favorite restaurants, bars, and shops in a column titled 212 for T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Now she’s compiled a lot of them in “Marvelous Manhattan,” a book in which she describes the beginnings of places like Raoul’s, Fanelli’s, Barney Greengrass, and Bemelmans Bar. It’s a timely read, picking up on Manhattan as it struggles to get back to normal. His reporting, all from a personal perspective, is up to date on how various places are responding to the pandemic. Like chocolate chips in a cookie, the book is sprinkled with delicious old and new photos, including Al Pacino coming out of Caffe Dante and Giorgio DeLuca buying cheese from Di Palo.

“Wonderful Manhattan: Stories of the Restaurants, Bars, and Shops that Make This City Special” by Reggie Nadelson (Artisan Books, $ 24.95).

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