Mario Dedivanovic Debut Line Makeup By Mario, Best Products and Tips

It’s been 20 years since celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic entered the scene, forever shaping the shape of the beauty world with highlights, highlights and a perfectly winged liner that launched an army of copiers on social media.

Now, Dedivanovic, that the New Yorker recently announced as “Internet Beauty Culture’s Ground Zero Makeup Artist», Has put his years of expertise, his great Internet fame and a few personal checks in laboratories around the world to create his dream: a self-funded product line called Makeup by Mario.

For Dedivanovic, this moment is huge. He begins to cry on a Zoom call as he discusses the project he started working on three years ago. “I’m so excited for October 1” – the launch date, Dedivanovic’s birthday and the date he started working on Sephora soil many years ago – “because it almost doesn’t feel like it to me. still not real, ”he says.

The artist comes with all the good faith elements to create a successful beauty line. He is best known for his work on one of the most famous canvases of the 21st century, Kim Kardashian-West, and helped launch his KKW Beauty line. He has also had brand partnerships with Laura Mercier and hosts a mega-popular Master class. This is the last checkbox on his way to the beauty mogul.

For Dedivanovic, the Sephora gondola, the showcase of all a brand’s beauty products inside the store, is the ultimate symbol of his success. “I used to manifest in these Sephora bottles when I cleaned them, that I would one day have this, knowing full well that I had to work really hard and that it probably wouldn’t take more than 20 years to do that. ,” he explains. “I have dreamed of this moment for a long time.”

His dreams are finally a reality. The new line includes 21 products and tools, including eye shadow palettes, brushes and highlighters created to flatter all skin tones. “When I work I tend to like products that I can use on all skin tones,” he says.

Below, some beauty tips from the veteran veterinarian, as well as an overview of the products in his collection.

He knows you’re bad at winged eyeliner.

The Master Pigment Pro pencils, inspired by her older sister Vicky, a queen who can’t work with eyeliner, are a standout product in the range.

“I think it’s hard even for an artist to really make a nice wing,” Dedivanovic says. “I know a lot of people want to make wings, but it’s tough and can be intimidating. With this pencil and brush shape, you take the pencil and draw a line from there [the center of your eyelid] at the corner. You stop at the corner and flip the brush over and lift. [The brush] literally does the flip for you. I wanted to make this technique very, very simple.

Dedivanovic added that he will provide new content that has inspired tools like eyeliner and tutorials on how to use it on his social media platforms.

He likes both profiles and natural makeup.

“I know that I am [known] as king of outline, but I think there was a little misconception, ”he says. “I’m not the kind of artist who typically does heavy stripes and all those types of things. I love that makeup looks like it was born with in terms of colors and finishes on the skin. I like it for highlighting a woman’s face, not making her feel like she’s unnatural or has a ton of makeup on. My goal in the end is that when you’re up close, in person, you do makeup to make it look good there. But for me, it is not enough. I want it to look good on the person too. Bot in the sense, Oh, wow, your makeup is beautiful. More in the sense of, Sensational, you to be beautiful.

The brand is aimed at both novices and experts in beauty.

While the line is steeped in Dedivanovic’s years of experience, he wanted to create something that was easy to use for the greenest makeup applicators.

Here is his advice for the Master Metallics palette:

This is a very creamy formula that is a blend of powders and creams, so it’s super easy to use with just a swipe of your finger on your lid for quick application. I wanted to separate my products by texture because as an artist I have always been trained from the start that you have always separated your mattes [from] your metals. This is how you also prepared your bag.

Packaging is the future of beauty.

Dedivanovic was inspired by the iPhone and the ease with which it can fit in your hand. He wanted the tools to feel accessible and comfortable as you apply your makeup. Thought 2001: A space odyssey meets BTS’s “On” music video: The complete, almost all-white kit comes in what looks like a briefcase of a space-age population who cracked the code for the design of the product. “It was like the future of makeup in a way,” he says. “I hadn’t seen anything like that during his presentation. Besides, it was pure.

The Master Prep and Set

Master Eye Prep & Set


$ 28.00

Available in three different tones – light, medium and deep – each set includes six shades to use as a base for the eyes. Dedivanovic originally he tried to get this product in the pallets but couldn’t set it up properly and the inclusion would make the pallets gigantic. Thus, it has evolved into its own separate product.

Master Mattes

Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette


$ 48.00

The Master Mattes were the first product Dedivanovic started working on in 2017. “The Master Matte palette is inspired by human skin tones,” he explains. “It is inspired by the technique that I have practiced for many years, in which I shape and contour the eyes using generally different and varying shades of foundation and / or concealer to shape and contour. eyes before applying eye shadow. “

To find the right human skin tones for the palette, he researched the different pigments that make up our skin tones. The undertones also have a bit of translucency as he prefers subtle to extremely pigmented eyeshadows.

Master Metallic and Master Metals

Master Metallics Eyeshadow Palette


$ 48.00

The all-metallic formula is a creamy blend of powders and creams, making it super easy to use with just a swipe of your finger across your lids. Self-proclaimed geek Dedivanovic has researched the inside of our bodies for shades of pink, brown and cream. “It’s sort of representative of the nuances that are found in all of our bodies at the cellular level,” he explains. “What’s really interesting is that when you swatch all of these colors together, it’s the epitome of my dream color palette when it comes to shimmering undertones.”

Master Metals Eyeshadow Palette


$ 48.00

If you are looking for the easiest to use product in the collection, this palette is your choice. But, if you are looking more for a high intensity pigment, Dedivanovic has created the Master Metals and the Master Metals Manipulator to create your own dreamy eyes. “The idea is for the artist to be able to scrape multiple hues and mix his own metallic hues,” he says. “What happens when you use the Master Metal Manipulator is that it turns it into molten liquid metal. You can make liquid liners with it, you can do a quick full eye shadow, or just the inside corner.

Bonus points: The Master Metal Manipulator also turns them into a completely waterproof product.

The main crystal reflectors

Master Crystal Reflective Highlighter


$ 24.00

Master Crystal reflectors are available in three shades: quartz, citrine and bronzite. Reflectors are a few of her favorites because of their sheer finish that “shimmers dancing across the eyelid”.

The product also reflects light beautifully and gives the eyelid a bit of reflection and dimension, but can be worn all over the face. “It’s a worldwide exclusive formula, so no one will ever be able to have this formula,” he adds. “I’m very excited about this.”

The Master Secret Glow

Master Secret Glow ™ Highlighter

“For years, I loved using a highlighter on the cheek or on the eyes that is a completely sheer emollient glow,” he says. “I envisioned this even for the girl who really doesn’t wear makeup. I do clients who have a very natural look and I also like natural looks. This product really works for both of these. “

The main tools

Master Mattes ™ Brightening Eye Pencil


$ 20.00

For the collection, Dedivanovic created four pencils and four eye shadow brushes. According to him, “pencils are one of the most transformative aspects of makeup, especially when it comes to the eyes.” He incorporated his signature lining techniques into their manufacture.

The brushes are inspired by the eye shadow brushes he usually works with from Japan. They are designed to work with the other formulas in the collection such as Master Mattes to facilitate mixing and application.

Makeup brush EF 1


$ 22.00

Finally, he created soft make-up removing wipes. “When I work I am very particular with the wipes,” he says. “I use them to gently exfoliate the skin just before continuing with skin care.” He wanted to move away from traditional oily formulas, so he created something without fragrance or normal oily residue. “These are made with 100% pure, natural cucumber water and leave no traces of fat.”

Soft make-up removing wipes


$ 15.00

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