Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Been Going on Dates in Montecito

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have moved to their new home in Montecito – and they are making the most of living in a more private community, according to People. The newspaper reports that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were able to go out both solo and in a group with friends with virtually no intrusion and almost no press presence.

A source told the outlet: “Sometimes they go on dates solo and sometimes with friends. Nobody really bothers them. The outlet added that the Santa Barbara neighborhood was perfect for the couple, who “craved a slower pace of life.”

Meghan and Harry were pictured once in Montecito on a double date with Katharine McPhee and David Foster. Meghan wore a long camel sweater, cropped leather pants, a trenchcoat and orange mules in photos taken of her and Harry outside Lucky’s steakhouse. The couple both wore masks, of course, as the coronavirus pandemic is still very much ongoing.

Meghan and Harry regularly make appearances from their home in town. On Tuesday, Meghan appeared as part of Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit and explained why she chose not to have her own social media.

“For my own preservation, I haven’t been on social media for a very long time,” Meghan began. “I had a personal account years ago, which I closed, then we got one through the institution and our office which was in the UK which was not managed by us – it was an entire team – and so I think that comes with the territory for the job you have. I made the personal choice to not have an account so I don’t know what is out there, and many ways that are helpful to me. I have a lot of concern for the people who have become obsessed with it. And it’s so much a part of our daily culture for so many people that it’s addictive like many others. And there is very little in this world where you call the person who interacts with them a user. But if you look at social media and what they do along with it being addictive, what’s the makeup there? Drug addicts are called users and people who use social networks are called users. And there is something algorithmic about it that creates this obsession that I find very unhealthy for a lot of people. “

“So I would just say that when you are building your brand, engaging with your friends online, just be aware of what you are doing and understand that it is not limited to that moment that you are creating. an echo chamber for yourself, ”she continued.“ So the more you engage with things that are negative – not just for other people you might not know – but this what it does to you as a human will really have lasting effects. And that there is an alternative to that. kind of stuff so i would just say be very aware and responsible. I don’t think people have even started to scratch the surface on what this does to us and I especially wish the younger generation of women. You have the power to turn the situation around. “

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