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The disheveled bun sported by Meghan Markle on your wedding day? At the time “it was said” had been made by the hairdresser George Northwood. Yes, with the conditional because, as in any employment relationship that envisages being part of the staff of a member of the royal family, nothing could be confirmed. Today though, just when Meghan and Harry formally give up their roles, Northwood shared a post on Instagram which confirms her long-standing relationship with the couple, including the Duchess of Sussex’s hairstyle on long tours and of course the messy bun of Meghan Markle at her wedding.

“I wanted to share my positive experience and this great collaboration that I am so proud of,” admits the hairstylist contacted by British Vogue. “Create hairlook so iconic but not able to talk about it – there was something almost magical about all this. “Northwood, moreover, has put his hand to most hairstyles by Meghan Markle, and of course also to his wedding hairstyle, one of the most copied since then. “The messy wedding bun was born out of willingness to make the hair both appropriate and adherent to the real protocol, and modern“he explains.” We wanted it to be a crop, because it was appropriate that it was, but we didn’t want it to be too formal. The idea, then realized, was one refined imperfection“.

It was a coincidence that Meghan Markle and George Northwood got to know each other: the Duchess of Sussex, who had just arrived in London, was looking for a good hairdresser. Some knowledge in common … et voila! “I went to meet her and we got along right away“, says the hairstylist.” I think I met her in February, towards Valentine’s Day 2018. I was a little nervous, I admit it, but as soon as I met her, she was just like my normal client in California. She said: ‘I’m a Cali girl‘. I replied, “My favorites, then.” We immediately spoke the same language. “

And that same language included, of course, also the shared love for women hairstyles effortlessbut above all also that sense of intimacy that many women share with their hairdresser. Without forgetting that, the relationship between Meghan and George has been accelerated since i royals tour require many changes of hairlook. “We went in tour for three weeks between Australia, New Zealand and Tonga etc. Often she and I were alone so we got very close at that time, “says Northwood.” As a hairdresser you take care of people and build a more intimate role with them. We had fun to make the Cali girl look a little more formal “.

Each hairstyle was chosen based on the outfit, looks planned well in advance for each event. “The way he faces the day is the same as any woman – plus Meghan Markle has a strong sense of style, but she wanted to appear accessible, even as a princess. She was a very modern princess, the kind of princess we can relate to and aspire to, and the hair went in the same direction, “says Northwood, explaining that all hairlook have been studied individually according to the occasion.

As for the iconic wedding hairstyle of the Duchess of Sussex, she was born after a “chat”, in which Northwood evoked a harvest that was at the same time elegant and natural. It wasn’t about “stiff” hair, but about a style – and this applies both to Northwood’s approach and to the aesthetics of the former actress – that also allowed her to have fun. “The reception was more intimate, dedicated to family and friends, a moment for Meghan could have been herself. At this point, the messy chignon has turned into another crop but always effortless“he says.” Often with brides – and the Meghan Markle case is no exception – the wedding day is a little unnerving. When evening comes, you just want to have fun. Here is what it is also about hairstyling: my hairstyles are portable, but resist the dance. ”

Ever since the Duke and Duchess moved to North America with their son, Archie, Meghan and Northwood have kept in touch. “He has always handled the pressure with such grace and professionalism,” says the hairdresser. “We share so many values. It’s a new chapter, obviously we don’t live in the same country, but we continue to hear each other. She puts all of herself into everything she does, and believes a lot in small businesses. Working with them has been a privilege huge and I enjoyed every minute – together we created some moments that will go into the myth “. And it really is.

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