Meghan Markle is the voice of the Disney + documentary about elephants

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has not been “unemployed” for a long time: just three days after the end of her duties as real height (the deadline is March 31st), she returns to the protagonist lending her voice to the documentary The elephant family, come on Disney + from April 3.

The news had already been in the air since last summer, when on the red carpet of The Lion King in London the royal couple Harry and Meghan found themselves side by side with Disney’s managing director, Bob Iger, and with Beyoncé, who lent his voice to the protagonist of the Lion King, Nala, whose Italian version is dubbed by Elisa, which moreover in the documentary on elephants “replaces” the Duchess as narrator.

It seemed already written in the stars, in short, that Meghan Markle was “hired” in the Disney stable. And for a project so close to his heart, let’s not forget that, as a convinced animal lover, the ex-star of Suits (who had missed the legal series can always retrieve it on Netflix) is supporter of the Elephant Without Borders association.

The family of elephants

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With the Megxit now complete, a new life is about to begin for her and her husband: the couple recently left Canada to move to Los Angeles. And rumors multiply. In the face of the state of health of Prince Charles, recently tested positive at Covid-19, it seems that the Duchess has prevented her husband from returning home. In short, the United Kingdom was tightened to the point of panic attacks and now, instead, it is picking up the second chapter of its life.

The family of elephants

© © 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Although she is no longer a royal senior in all respects, the royal allure is providing her with every kind of offer. There are those who hypothesized dubbing The Simpsons and who would have wanted her for a cameo in the finale of Suits.

The fact that he accepted the dubbing of the documentary and that he worked on it even before the “divorce” from the royal family shows how much ambition has no time to waste. In this perspective, London life would have been only a parenthesis before returning to Hollywood as the goddess of this Olympus of divas, a status she could never have aspired to before. But a tiara works miracles, even without a throne.

Elisa, committed to dubbing Meghan Markle

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