Melania Trump Was Secretly Recorded Discussing Her Role As First Lady

There has long been speculation about the allegiances of First Lady Melania Trump. For the past four years, she has mostly been kept silent, aside from a misguided “Be Best” initiative to fight cyberbullying and to go to an immigrant children’s shelter on the Texas-Mexico border where she wore a jacket that said, “I don’t care. From where? ” on the back.

On Thursday, a new glimpse of his behind-the-scenes beliefs emerged with the release of audio secretly recorded by his former assistant and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. Wolkoff left the White House in 2018 after it was revealed his company made $ 26 million on planning for Trump’s inauguration, according to the New York Times. In the summer of 2018, after Wolkoff stepped down from his role in the East Wing, she secretly recorded Trump expressing her disillusionment with several aspects of his life in the White House. “They say I’m an accomplice. I’m the same as him, I support him. I don’t say enough that I’m not doing enough where I am,” Trump said of the criticism she received due to of separation from her husband. children at the border. The First Lady added: “I work my ass on Christmas stuff, you know, who cares about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do that, right?”

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When Wolkoff confirmed that she would have to perform her Christmas duties, Trump continued, “Okay, then I do it and I say I’m working on Christmas and preparing for Christmas and they said, ‘Oh , what about the kids? that they were apart? Give me a fucking break. Where did they say something when Obama did that? I can’t go, I was trying to reunite the ‘child with his mother. I had no chance – I have to go through the process and by the law. “(CNN, where the tapes originally aired, notes that Obama’s policy was not to separate children only “when the authorities had concerns for their welfare” or could not confirm a legal guardian.)

Trump has also suggested that children separated from their families be treated better in border detention centers than in their home countries. “Kids, they say, ‘Wow am I going to have my own bed? Am I going to sleep on the bed? Will I have a wardrobe for my clothes? ‘ It’s so sad to hear it but they didn’t have that in their own country, they sleep on the floor, ”she said. “We take good care of them there. But you know, yeah, they’re not with their parents, it’s sad. But when they come here alone or with coyotes or illegally, you know, you have to do something.

Melania and I: the rise and fall of my friendship with the First Lady

The First Lady, who became a U.S. citizen in 2006, also criticized tactics she allegedly used for some immigrant families to enter the country illegally. “Much like moms and kids, they are taught to do this,” Trump said. “They go and say, ‘Oh, we’ll be killed by a gang member, we’ll be, you know, it’s so dangerous.’ They are therefore allowed to stay here. Trump went on to say of the migrants, who travel from many different countries, “Mexico doesn’t take care of them the same way America does.”

According to Wolkoff’s tapes, Trump takes a similar stance towards her husband when it comes to #FakeNews. She said news organizations would not cover her efforts to help children at the border during a scheduled visit “because they are against us because they are liberal media.” Trump added, “Yeah, if I go to Fox, they’ll make history. I don’t want to go to Fox.”

When asked why she would wear her famous “I don’t care” jacket when visiting with separated children, she said it was a press trolling method. “I’m driving the Liberals crazy, for sure,” Trump said. “And that, you know, is – and they deserve it, you see.” And everybody’s like, ‘Oh, my God. It’s the worst. It’s the worst. After, I mean, come on. They are crazy, okay?

First Lady Melania Trump visits US border immigration detention center

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All of these recordings complement Wolkoff’s revealing new book, Melania and me, which, according to the Chief of Staff of the First Lady, raises suspicions. “Secretly registering the First Lady and willingly breaking an NDA to publish a salacious book is a clear attempt at relevance. Timing remains suspect – as does this endless exercise of self-pity and narcissism,” the First Lady said. . chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement to CNN.

The records arrive just weeks before the next presidential election, and the same day the Trumps tested positive for COVID-19. Melania tweeted Friday that she “feels good” and “quarantined at home” with her husband.

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