Mercedes Formula 1 engineers design respirators in record time

It’s not just there fashion to mobilize for the production of masks and gowns, and to donate for the fight against coronavirus. Even the world of Formula 1 takes the field, now that the world championship is stopped. The Mercedes Formula 1 team – that of Lewis Hamilton – collaborated with British doctors and engineers from University College London (UCL) to develop a breathing device for coronavirus patients. The new CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device was designed from an existing device in less than 100 hours and can be quickly mass-produced, helping to reduce the need for fans.

CPAP devices are used to treat coronavirus infections and often serve to prevent patients from having to be intubated. A huge advantage for hospitals that face a shortage of fans on a daily basis.

“These devices will help save lives by ensuring that fans, a limited resource, are used only for the most seriously ill.” said Professor Mervyn Singer, an ICU consultant at University College London Hospitals (UCLH).
CPAP machines help keep patients’ airways open and increase the amount of oxygen that enters the lungs by pushing air and oxygen into the mouth and nose at a continuous rate.

One hundred of the new devices will undergo clinical trials at UCLH, to be rapidly distributed in British hospitals. A process that can take years has been reduced to a few days, the team worked day and night to disassemble and analyze an existing device and then work with computer simulations. Now the Mercedes team is committed to producing and delivering the new respirators as quickly as possible.

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