Michael Kors gives away clothes and accessories for $ 35 million

Michael Kors announces a $ 35 million donation in products to the nonprofit organization in New York, Delivering Good. Free clothes and accessories which, through a network of over 700 partners of the organization, will reach the people most affected by the economic crisis and natural disasters in the United States.

“I always believed that lasting change should take place both locally and nationally”, he has declared Michael Kors. “With Delivering Good we are able to donate our products and know that they will be supplied to the local communities and organizations that need them most across the country. If during this challenging period we learned something, it is that when you are able to help, you should do it. “

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“The donation of Michael Kors products will provide hope, dignity and self-esteem to families and individuals facing the financial challenges facing a crisis”, he has declared Lisa Gurwitch, President and CEO of Delivering Good. “Our community partners will distribute the goods to people in need as they will also provide services for more stable living environments.”

$ 35 million in Michael Kors clothing and accessories will be given away and donated through a network of organizations across the United States

John D. Idol, President and CEO of Capri Holdings, said: “Philanthropy has long been a core value of the Michael Kors brand, with the continuous support of various organizations that provide assistance to needy communities, both globally and locally. Our product donation to Delivering Good follows other donations made by our company to support a range of relief initiatives and continues our commitment to offer support to those who need it most. “

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