Milan phase 2: pedestrian and cycle paths to start again

Milan Phase 2, Open Roads project

What if we told you that Covid 19 will make Milan more sustainable and safe? On Tuesday 21 April the Municipality of the Lombard capital announced the plan Open roads that will allow the Milanese to move through the streets of the city in a new way compared to the past. Like? During the summer 35 km of city streets will become temporary low-cost cycle paths, there will be new and larger sidewalks, in many areas of the metropolis speed limits of 30 km / h will be imposed and more and more routes will be a priority for pedestrians and for cyclists.

The works of the Strade Aperte per Milano Phase 2 project will start – if the spread of the virus and the next decrees allow it – at the beginning of May from Corso Buenos Aires, the city’s commercial avenue but also one of the most important incoming traffic arteries that goes up to Porta Venezia.

Naviglio Grande in Milan

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Today it is one of the most ambitious projects in Europe to kick off phase 2 post lockdown. During the blockade, traffic congestion decreased by 30-75%, and air pollution also dropped significantly. Starting again does not necessarily mean canceling out all the benefits of this situation in the name of economic recovery. Public transport (used by 55% of Milanese to go to work) cannot be used massively to avoid the spread of the virus.

It is therefore to avoid the use of cars without limits, that Milan responded with this sustainable and avant-garde plan, which yesterday also received the approval of Greta Thumberg who on Twitter shared the article written on the The Guardian.

The Councilor for Mobility and Public Works Marco Granelli said: “We have worked for years to reduce the use of the car. If everyone drives a car, there is no room for people, there is no room to move … Of course, we want to restart the economy, but we think we should do it on a different basis than before. We must imagine Milan in a new situation. We have to prepare ourselves. “

And Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning, Green and Agriculture added: “We should accept that for months or maybe a year there will be a new normal and we must create the best conditions to live it … I think in Milan next month, in Italy, in Europe, we will decide part of our future for the next decade. Before, we were planning for 2030; now the new phase, we call it 2020. Instead of thinking about the future, we have to think about the present ”.

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