Milan, solidarity in prison: prisoners sew masks

The inmates of the Borseggi tailoring, inside the Milan-Opera men’s prison, they began to sew cloth masks for all the inmates who are more than 1,200. The masks are made with tailoring fabrics, in heavy cotton. Waiting to receive the medical ones, they are still a barrier to cover the airways.

“The virus obliges a social distancing that is impossible to respect in a restricted environment such as prison,” says Elisabetta Ponzone, head of the Borseggi project. ┬źNever before I think it is important to know how to choose your role. Everyone must do their part, their duty. The boys of Borseggi are detained, but not for this they do not have heart and brain, and in this emergency they immediately made available to their prison what they learned. And the collaboration by the officers of the prison police was immediate “.

Borseggi was born 6 years ago from an idea by Elisabetta Ponzone and Federica Dellacasa: “We wanted to create a tailoring workshop in the prison of Milano-Operwhere we were already working with the social cooperative Opera in Fiore with the aim of promoting treatment and training courses for social inclusion, against recidivism and prejudice ┬╗.

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