Miley Cyrus and her Bright Minded live series on IGTV

The live series by Miley Cyrus Bright Minded, which made its IGTV debut in March, is a true revelation. Created in response to the Coronavirus emergency, the show aims to provide support and create a sense of community in this difficult period of solitude for many. And it is also an example of excellent television.

An episode of Bright Minded usually can include a cooking class with Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye, seven minutes of fitness with Saul, Miley’s personal trainer. You can learn to contour with the drag queen Milk, or to better reuse our wardrobe with Jeremy Scott, or you can have a session with Miley’s therapist, Dr. Amen. Extemporaneous moments of pure fun, with celebs talking about their favorite films (it’s true, Reese Witherspoon, Overboard it’s really a classic) and Paris Hilton trying to place a rickety camera.

And then there are the dogs. Lots of dogs, from Prince Baby Bear, Hilton’s pomeranian wad, to German Shepherd puppy saved by Miley, Rainbow. Nicole Richie wanted to exaggerate, presenting her bearded “dragon” Speedy. Among the many guests who offer advice and food for thought with wisdom and balance are Demi Lovato, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Millie Bobby Brown, the wrestling champion and documentary maker Zion Clark, the drag queen Trixie Mattel, the YouTuber Rickey Thompson and Tish Cyrus (or Momma T). Another bonus is the truly unique possibility of spying in celeb houses: we have seen Rita Ora’s flower tents! The striped wallpaper by Reese Witherspoon! Hilary Duff, make yourself a more powerful wi-fi! Bright Minded it’s an absolute joy, really.

We are fine together

Even the name chosen for the series exudes positivity. Bright Minded it is an invitation, or rather an exploration: if we remain positive, active and talk about new and alternative ways of thinking about the world, then perhaps, but perhaps, everything will be fine. The program’s tagline confirms Cyrus’ super-optimistic approach. In an Instagram post before the series debut, the singer explains that “it will not be a political show, and will not even talk about the Coronavirus, but about HOPE and escape“.

In reality, however, Bright Minded it is intrinsically political. Presented by a LGBTQ + pop star, the program deals, among other things, with LGBTQ + history, mental health, how to take care of yourself during quarantine, the condition of women, family, poverty and homelessness. We chat free-wheeling, and guests take turns, all struggling with their daily routine during isolation, giving support to those in need, and many tips on how to be more attentive and attentive to our community.

The show is also proudly feminist, thanks to an all-female cast and crew (it’s true, the cast and crew are made up of one person), with a gloriously gay, and global identity, because it is seen by millions of people . Broadcast without a broadcaster, and therefore free from advertising and political intent of a television network, broadcast live and without filters, Bright Minded indicates to creatives a new way of interacting with their fans in the future, according to their own rules and through their own channels, in full autonomy.

Sincerely altruistic

Bright Minded it is also an opportunity for Miley and her guests to create their own narrative, without censorship and without filters, and to have control over it. Bright Minded he shifts attention from topics such as who Miley comes out with, or who divorced Miley, (a woman criticized by the press and hunted by paparazzi since she was a teenager) towards much more interesting topics. Miley is able to make fun of herself before others do it, and she does it very well: a short time ago she compared her new haircut, the result of the quarantine, to the memorable mullet of Joe Exotic, protagonist of the Netflix documentary Tiger King. Sometimes the singer wears the same Nike suit for days, does not always wear makeup and seems to live quietly even without using a selfie ring. After years and years in which she has been heavily criticized for her hair, her skin, how she dresses and her weight, the fact that Miley does not want to conform to any standard other than hers, just because she speaks with millions of people, it’s really comforting.

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Miley, who is not in the least interested in creating clickbaits, has a relaxed approach when talking to her guests and is able to bring out sides of their personality that we usually can’t see. When she asked Nicole Richie to send a message to her fans at the end of the interview, she asked people to support the food banks of their cities. Paris Hilton, while remembering her holidays in Ibiza, stops and thanks Miley for designing the show. This is not a space to advertise products or sell records: it is a sincere and altruistic attempt to connect and collaborate in a time when the world is dealing with a distressing sense of uncertainty.

Create a community

The fact that Miley is an extraordinary hostess certainly helps. The star scrupulously prepares each episode, every now and then opens his laptop (covered with dog stickers) to read his jokes and ask guests the questions he has prepared. And since the program is presented, and features the rich and famous, it is also highly aware of the privilege of Miley and some of her guests.

And this idea of ​​free connection during isolation is also important, in particular because the show clearly has the LGBTQ + community at heart, particularly vulnerable during this emergency. And the very presence of guests like Milk, Trixie Mattel and Vijat Mohindra sends a very clear message, that being yourself is the right thing. One day things will be a little simpler than they are now. And it’s also comforting to see the most vulnerable side of whom we think ‘has it all’. As he said recently on Bright Minded Ryan Tedder, Grammy-winning songwriter, millions of records sold, “I swear to God, this mutual exchange helped me not go crazy.”

But more than anything else Bright Minded has built a community based on diversity and inclusion, to implement change through the exchange of ideas and kindness. Is not it beautiful? As Miley says at the end of the show’s bizarre opening theme, “Stay lit, everybody”, something like: people, stay up, don’t lose your light! Simple, but wonderful. Just like his show.

Bright Minded it airs from Monday to Friday from 11.30 (Pacific Standard Time). Miley’s IGTV

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