Mina Mazzini: birthday and best make-up and hair

Mina Mazzini better than Blake Lively. My mom, for example, went around for months with a plaster over her right eye to cover what she said was an “attempt, ended badly, to look like Mina”. Mina eyebrows did not want them and he hadn’t made it possible for her to do that eyeliner and infinitely light dark, artfully made by Stefano Anselmo make-up artist of the Italian artist known as the Tiger of Cremona. So, like my mom, many girls at the turn of the 60s and 70s shave their eyebrows with tragicomic results. But it’s not just that smokey eyes to characterize the beauty looks of the singer who turns 25 today, March 25, 2020. Little polite to talk about personal data and for this we apologize, but the round figure – 80 years – allows us to reveal precisely the “Mina age”. So let’s also talk about hair brought “fluffy but light” is always “matched with clothes“As revealed by the hairdresser who followed her in the years when she was still treading scenes and stage, Fernanda Villa. Its also the short cut with maxi tuft which I also show off for a legendary advertisement. Woe to using i instead curlers. Here then are 20 unforgettable beauty looks by Mina to whom we wish a wonderful birthday.

1) The very long and orderly braid that has characterized Mina Mazzini’s look in recent years

2) “invisible” eyebrows for a truly full eyelid make-up

3) From Mina age to ageless: in the 60s with short and fluffy hair. Eyeliner as signature make-up

Mina in 1963 with bob hair and voluminous maxi forelock. Makeup characterized by XXL eyeliner

© Mondadori Portfolio

4) Red blond hair and hair combed in such a way as to leave the face free

Mina (with gathered hair and little make-up) and Monica Vitti on the set of the film “Eclipse”, by Michelangelo Antonioni

© Mondadori Portfolio

5) Mina with super fluffy hair (wig or excellent ally extensions) and makeup that accentuated the shape of the eyes

6) Super-cotton hair in the back of the head and pearly lipstick

Mina in the 60s with short and voluminous hair, eyeliner and pearly lipstick

© Mondadori Portfolio

7) Haircut with scaled forelock and make-up reminiscent of Twiggy

8) The eyebrows are always “invisible” while the hair here is very short and curly

Mina in the 70s with very short and curly hair. The makeup is black with kajal above and below

© Mondadori Portfolio

9) Mina with a “grown” pixie cut with maxi tuft

10) The hair here is long and the fold, in waves and curls, “stopped” by the lacquer. Always invisible eyebrows

Giorgio Gaber with Mina (full-volume hair and “invisible” eyebrows) in Milan in the 70s.

© Mondadori Portfolio

11) Long, straight hair with a middle line in pure Seventies style

12) Always the same cut (a long worn pixie) but in a super-cotton version

Mina in Rome in 1965 with short hair, cotonati in the back and invisible eyebrows

© Mondadori Portfolio

13) Invisible eyebrows and that full-eyelid make-up that made it unforgettable

14) The pixie has become almost a bob and here Mina wears it smooth

Mina in Paris in 1969 with bob hair left soft

© Mondadori Portfolio

15) Short curly hair, here Mina in the company of Carrà and her legendary carrè

16) A truly modern and contemporary crease with a line in the middle and scales accentuated by the cotonatura below

Claudio Villa with Ivano Davoli and Mina on 13, 1969. The singer has her hair slightly over her shoulders with a very contemporary twist

© Mondadori Portfolio

17) The mythical image of Mina taken by Mauro Belletti

18) Red blond hair, diaphanous complexion and invisible eyebrows

Italian actor Alberto Lupo (Alberto Zoboli) and Italian singer Mina (Mina Anna Maria Mazzini) performing in the TV variety show Teatro 10. Italy, 1972 (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

© Mondadori Portfolio

19) A Mina in disheveled version, focus on moles

20) A haircut that recalls Vidal Sassoon’s “5 points” and the marked make-up especially for the eyes

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