Mina turns 80. A special book comes out

Mina: 80 splendid years

Mina. Point. This preface of mine could also end here…. Yes, because Mina goes beyond any attempt at presentation.

So Rosario Fiorello writes in the preface of the book Mina, which – published by Rizzoli – comes out in Italy on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the Italian artist on 25 March. Author photos and stolen photos, drawings and beautiful period interviews of great names in Italian journalism, including those by Giorgio Bocca, Gianni Clerici or Oriana Fallaci. A single book, a volume that celebrates the artistic figure, the nonconformity and the thousand faces of the singer, a story with several voices with the contributions of Natalia Aspesi, Luchino Visconti, Luca Josi, Walter Siti and many others.

Mina portrayed by Pietro Pascuttini for the cover of the LP Mina 2 (1966)

© Pietro Pascuttini Giovanni Liverani Historical Archive / Aldo Liverani Agency

The artistic curation is by Mauro Balletti who, having always followed Mina since 1973, to create all the covers and videos of his records, manages to return a truly faithful image of one of the greatest Italian voices.

Mina inside the album I finally met Count Dracula (1985)

© Mauro Balletti / PDU Music & Production Archive

Do you know how I managed to become La Mina? There was a party in a village called the King’s Devil and the Flo Sandon’s and Latilla sang there. I went to the party and at some point I felt a great desire to go on stage. So I went up and started screaming. They applauded and the next evening I went back with mom.
From The 20 year old Mermaid by Oriana Fallaci, The European February 5, 1961

The voice and the music, the fashion, the encounters, the television: many points of view to “try” to describe in a book of words and images the facets of a woman and a unique artist, who has always been the protagonist and source of inspiration for musicians, photographers, designers. But also fashion creators.

Not by chance, in September 2018 Vogue Italia dedicated a special issue (with cover by Mauro Balletti) and a party, the most awaited of Milan Fashion Week at the time.
On the magazine, which was immediately sold out, an unprecedented roundup of images in which world-famous supermodels, including Gisele Bündchen, and icons of Italian femininity posed for international photographers and artists, interpreting in their own way the unique style of Mina, this unmistakable artist, 60 years after his debut at the Bussola and 40 after that farewell to the scenes that further fueled the myth.

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