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Is the next appointment with the beautician very far? The solution to keep skin beautiful and luminous are face masks: from moisturizing face mask to anti black points. Trivial? Attention, there is something new and it comes from Korea.

Multimasking approach: how to
Second Allure, the new beauty trend comes from South Korea and takes the name of coating method. In practice it consists of layering and / or combining multiple types of masks (different in texture and active), thus obtaining an enhanced effect and working on several fronts in perfect synergy.

Beauty Sleeping Mask Waso by Shiseido

Make My Day Moisturizing and Anti Smog Mask to be used combined with the FOREO UFO tool

Moisturizing face mask for cheekbones and face contour
As he explains Tamara Call, spa manager of the Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort, “It makes a lot of sense to customize the face masks, starting from the active contents, depending on the area of ​​the face to which each mask is intended”. We understand better how and why. “For the area of cheekbones and facial contour I recommend, after the age of 30, a mask plumping made from effect ingredients lifting, to counteract the natural relaxation of the skin. So look on the label collagen e hyaluronic acid.

Anti-Age Moisturizing Face Mask from the Action line of Mediterranea

Masque Fondant Réparateur by EISENBERG

Bakel Resurex Skin Alginate Powder

Lip mask and lip contour
To treat the lip and lip area, one of the first to be affected by the signs of aging, because it is very delicate, here is Call’s advice: “Choose principles deeply moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients and prefer a fabric mask, able to prevent drying and give a deep softness effect, making the ingredients contained in the formula better penetrate. Also in this case hyaluronic acid proves to be the active hero. The extra advice? Before laying the mask, create a delicate scrub for the lips mixing honey and sugar in a small bowl, to be delicately massaged on the mouth “.

PUPA Moisturizing Lips Mask

Collistar Ultra-Lifting Patch Cheeks, Eyes, Lips

Eye contour mask
According to Minnie Romano, spa manager Adler Spa Resort Thermae, “The mask intended for the eye area, another notoriously delicate area and, alas, should also be carefully chosen subject toaging (the skin is very thin just like that of the mouth, as we wrote in the previous point). For this area the same active ingredients of the lip contour are indicated – see the aforementioned hyaluronic acid -, but also phytomelatonin, with very high antioxidant power, ideal against dark circles and to improve hydration, in addition to Vitamin E, ideal in case of dry skin, and the Edelweiss, with soothing and moisturizing properties “.

Revitalizing face and eye mask from L’Occitane

Eye Revive Hydra Cream & Mask SOS of Madara

Mask for the zone T (i.e. forehead, nose and chin)
As Romano recalls, “Zone T is where there tends to be one higher production of sebum (sometimes hyper production, see in the case of mixed and oily skin). For this reason one is recommended rebalancing mask. To this end, the are very effective Seaweed, because they have a detoxifying, emollient, moisturizing action. Well there tooventilated green clay, absorbent and with detoxifying properties, or the C vitamin, which purifies and brings oxygen and luminosity to the skin “.

Refreshing face mask for NIVEA Normal & Combination skin

Galenic Purifying Cold Mask

Here’s how to enhance the mask effect
To achieve the perfect facial skin goal, the spa manager Tamara Call recommends creating a real mask ritual, in which the laying of the product represents only one step. Do this: “First create a relaxing environment (relaxed skin better receives the cosmetic active ingredients, did you know?), then cleanse your face perfectly, continue with one scrubs or scrubs and spend at least five minutes on rolling with the fingers. What is it about? Massage your face calmly with circular movements from the bottom upwards, helping to relax the muscles. Only at this point proceed with the application of the various masks, following the shutter speed indicated on the packaging “. Effect wow guaranteed.

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