Mother’s Day 2020: where to buy flowers online

Mother’s Day 2020: where to buy flowers online

Fresh flowers to receive at home: It will be trivial, it will be taken for granted, but a bouquet it always pleases, especially in this period of forced distances, missed hugs, distance, and nostalgia. The lockdown has temporarily divided us from our affections and also during phase 2 it is not allowed to move from one region to another.

Result: you haven’t seen your mother in weeks. All is not lost, however. You can always send her a bouquet or a plant. The effect on mood – of those who give and those who receive – will be immediate. In addition, this year there is one more reason to give flowers: as the demand due to quarantine decreases, more than 50 percent of the daily harvest is thrown away. By purchasing lilies, carnations, buttercups, roses you can actually give a hand to flower growers.

Mother's Day 2020: where to buy flowers online
Mother’s Day 2020: where to buy flowers online

The Isabel plant (and many refined bouquets) from Colvin

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Colvin added a new plant: the azalea named Isabel, name chosen in honor of the writer Isabel Allende and of her book entitled “Paula”, dedicated to her daughter. Allende writes: “There is no definitive separation as long as the memory exists”. A perfect phrase for bonding with a mother, which is destined to last forever.
Those who prefer a colorful bouquet to the plant (with lilies, carnations, buttercups, roses and flowers now available to nurserymen) are spoiled for choice: just click on the “Mother’s Day” section. Deliveries throughout Italy.

Blooming’s flower box (with extra surprise)

The flowers of Blooming they arrive in a box, the Flower Box, elegant and minimal, and they are packaged with the utmost care, wrapped one by one in a paper net. You can choose between different compositions and for Mother’s Day there is an extra surprise. Each FlowerBox includes a special gift: a Korean anti-aging and illuminating face mask by www.mybeautyroutine. Deliveries throughout Italy.

Blooming’s Flower Box

The floral sushi of Potafiori

The kit is perfect for particularly creative mothers Potafiori to create an oriental-inspired “sushi” composition of flowers and leaves. The kit is composed of flowers, sponge, covering materials, twine, Potafiori brooch and exists in various formats. You can also buy it on the website. Shipping throughout Italy.

Frida’s peonies (and extra luxury bouquets)

Frida’s – a quality chain that has a network of shops in Italian cities and a well-organized e-commerce site – offers a bouquet of refined peonies that comes out of an elegant square cardboard box, or for those who want to send a truly unforgettable gift, a luxury deck inspired by spring. Deliveries throughout Italy.

Beautiful and sustainable: Raw Fleurs decks

The one of Raw Fleurs, in Milan, is a transparent supply chain: the flowers are collected by local flower farmers by eliminating the intermediaries, the Raw artisans carefully package the seasonal flowers which are then delivered by bicycle or ecological vehicles. In short, there is the total guarantee of receiving fresh flowers with respect for nature and for people. In addition, the compositions are beautiful. Click to believe, and choose. Deliveries only to Milan.

The opening photo is by Raw Fleurs (from Instagram).

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