Must-have garments and accessories for a perfect look

Guide to the perfect look: a personal “capsule collection” of clothes and accessories to always have in the closet

Each season we are ready to create a map of current trends, to be followed and declined following your own style. But there are some clothes and accessories that every woman should have in the wardrobe: real must-haves that work regardless of the flow of fashions. And it is precisely on these fashion items that you build a perfect look.

After following our advice on how to change the wardrobe, discover below the “primary palette” of the versatile wardrobe, ready for any occasion. Unique diktat: quality of fabrics / materials and neutral colors.

White shirt: the life-saver of every season, it can be worn under knitted sweaters and blazers, or on top of a light jersey turtleneck. Opt for cotton or silk poplin.

Trench: symbol of midseason, spring and autumn, we advise you to invest in a quality garment.

Blazer: it is the outerwear that gives rigor to the look, at any time of the day. Opt for a coarse-grained fabric such as tweed or bouclé. The most basic solution is fresh wool.

Little Black Dress: the classic sheath dress can be played down with trendy accessories or be a faithful ally on more formal occasions. In the wide range, invest in a silk garment or crepe de chine.

Straight jeans: avoid stone-washed and used denim, opt for classic models with medium-high waist with ankle hem.

Flat shoes: moccasins or ballerinas, the choice is yours. The former for a more mannish touch, the latter for those looking for a bon ton effect.

One-color T-shirt: gray, blue, black, beige or white? Choose it of quality, or organic cotton or fresh linen.

Black cigarette trousers: essentiality in the cut and non-color guarantee the use in every season.

White sneakers: cleaned of colors and chunky redundancies, they are the ideal solution to obtain an easy look.

Striped sweater: garment with a discreet motif that can give a twist to gloomy and uncertain days.

Leather shoulder strap: a bag that looks good on everything, in every season.

Pearl earrings: shining touch (and elegant) that catches the eye with that precious nacre skin.

Midi skirt: pencil or pleated longuette? The choice is yours, but opt ​​for a model that enhances your silhouette.

Pleats Please Issey Miyake

Scarves: fantasy is allowed for this accessory. Its versatility makes it a must-have in the female wardrobe: around the neck, over the head, at the waist or tied to the bag, there are many ways to wear it and get a perfect look.

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