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Is called Noonoouri he was born in’virtual influencer born from the mind of Joerg Zuber which, for some years now, has upset the world of Instagram. The merit, however, is not only of a wonderful avantar perfectly constructed in 3D – the appearance of Noonoouri is inspired by Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian -, but also by a new approach to digital communication. The profile of Noonoouri, in fact, in addition to a unusual look at fashion offers a precise point of view on very current issues, such as sustainability and animal rights, becoming the spokesperson for an important message that aims to inspire change. Today Noonoouri boasts beyond 350 thousand followers on Instagram, glossy covers and a series of important collaborations with the big names in international fashion. Among them, too Genny, which has established a deep bond with the influencer since 2019 that continues to this day. “I first heard the name of Noonoouri about a year ago from a journalist friend who told me about the world of digital influencers. I was fascinated by it! In particular, I loved his way of telling fashion with a sensitive eye, very similar to what I’ve been doing since I was Genny’s Creative Director. With my brand, in fact, I do not create ‘just’ wonderful clothes, but through them I talk about sustainability, values, awareness, family, sociability. I believe that fashion has a social responsibility and speaks for changes and needs in society. She represents (in addition to the one explained above) the way in which we all communicate, technology. Hence the first collaboration with Noonoouri on the occasion of the Green Carpet Awards at the Scala in Milan in September 2019, up to today, when he interpreted one of our photos of the adv campaign in a social key with a beautiful video visible on his Ig page and on that of @gennyofficial “he says Sara Cavazza Facchini, creative director of Genny.

The interview with Joerg Zuber, creative director of Noonoouri

What made you want to create Noonoouri?
Already at the age of 5 I had the idea of ​​creating a doll that I could style my hair and do makeup and with which I could talk about important topics related both to the world of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and social responsibility .

What were the biggest difficulties during the creation process?
The biggest difficulty was to create something that was on the one hand as natural as possible but also a special character, whose soul could emerge through every movement, every look and action.

And what, instead, the greatest satisfactions once success is achieved?
The biggest success was seeing people I have admired for a long time starting to follow, interact and communicate with Noonoouri. It touched me a lot and gave me the right motivation to keep going, and it’s not easy as creating Noonoouri is very complex, time consuming and humanly intense.

Noonoouri is not the classic influencer. Why is your way of communicating with followers different from that of other influencers?
I really tried to give her a very special soul that can be appreciated by every type of interaction that people have with her, to understand that it is not an avatar or a robot but a digital character with a human soul. People really perceive their emotions and their point of view on certain issues and are able to develop a sort of true relationship with Noonoouri.

Today Noonoouri boasts over 350K followers. Do you feel a certain responsibility in the messages you share?
With every choice I make, every post I publish, every story I create, every direct message I reply to or every collaboration and project I participate in I feel a huge responsibility as I reach out to many people and what I try to do is be a friendly voice and a point of contact to rely on and to understand who is behind Noonoouri.

Being a public figure often also involves receiving criticism and judgment. Is Noonoouri also a victim of the haters’ negativity? How do you manage to defend yourself?
To be honest, very few haters wrote to us. If I meet someone with a negative attitude or who tries to insult me, I try to respond in a friendly and open way and 8 times out of 10 I try to put myself in people’s shoes and understand. The same goes for followers. Especially when they see the social aspect and realize that there is a soul, a caring and supportive soul behind the beauty and the messages I spread. It seems to me that they really perceive love for children, animals and nature.

Noonoouri is also an activist engaged in important causes, from women’s empowerment to environmental protection and animal rights. What are the latest projects you have supported?
I am very proud to be part of the IUCN (WWF) team that deals with the conservation of endangered species and has extensive knowledge on the subject. I have tried to set up days in homage to the protection of dolphins and elephants, in honor of nature or dedicated to the fight against child malnutrition in order to sensitize people to the difficulties of those who have no voice.

Sustainability is also a topic dear to you. In fact, at the Green Carpet Awards Noonoouri met Genny’s designer, Sara Cavazza Facchini, with you shares values ​​such as respect for the environment and attention to eco-sustainability. How did your friendship and subsequent collaboration with Genny come about?
I believe in the motto that what you are looking for is looking for you in turn, so I believe that meeting with Genny for our first collaboration was only a matter of time. The thing then turned into a long-term relationship as we can see from the splendid spot that we created together and which combines the beauty of animals and fashion.

Noonoouri was chosen as the testimonial of Genny’s SS20 campaign, where she poses together with a beautiful horse. How was the video born and what is the message you wanted to convey?
The message of the video is to appreciate and respect life, take care of animals and treat them not as fun but living in harmony, like kindred souls who support each other. We only have this world and we share our wonderful planet with many fantastic people, with animals, nature and we need to give them the space they need and respect them in order to benefit from that splendid energy that they give us in turn.

Noonoouri also had the opportunity to try one of the sustainable looks of the Genny FW2021 collection: can you tell us how it went?
I am very happy to see that luxury brands like Genny fight for sustainability and try to find new ways to create beauty while respecting tradition but also inventing new technologies for a more responsible and sustainable future in all sectors, from the cultivation of cotton , to the production of silk, to the reuse of recycled materials in order to combine a mix of techniques in a new way to give life to new creations.

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