Official Souvenir: sweatshirts and pastel T-shirts to spread peace

Official Souvenir launches the capsule collection Protect Peace of sweatshirts and pastel T-shirts to defend peace through the support of the Heyva Sor humanitarian organization.

The Berlin brand, founded in 2017 by David Mallon is Karin Önder in response to Brexit, it became famous thanks to theactivist approach and to the line EUnify marked by a logo with 11 stars inspired by the flag of the European Union.

In the new Protect Peace collection we find the now famous EUnify logo printed on sweatshirts and T-shirts dyed in pastel shades to symbolize the most urgent need ever for a message of global peace.

To amplify the message, the new Souvenir Official capsule collection is the protagonist of an advertising campaign created by the photographer Vitali Gelwich, known for his outspoken narrative of youth subcultures. A series of images taken on the streets of Berlin that portray heterogeneous groups formed by unique characters aimed at symbolizing the multiple possibilities of union between the diversities present in the world.

«The world is a place of diversity that must also be reflected in our union. Now, more than ever, it is time to embrace multiplicity and oppose all discrimination and hatred.”, commented David Mallon, co-founder of Souvenir Official.

10% of proceeds from sales the Protect Peace sweatshirt and pastel T-shirt collection will be donated in support of the humanitarian organization Heyva Sor, the only one remaining active in the autonomous area of ​​Rojava, north of Syria.

In May 2019 Souvenir Official collaborated with FashionTrends Italia for the #WELOVEU campaign.

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