Online art: “10.04.20” by Pablo Arroyo

Online exhibitions are the most immediate solution to cope with this complex health situation, preventing art from being suspended, but rather opening it to the public, despite being quarantined. The exhibition 10:04:20 of the photographer and art director Pablo Arroyo it should have been held in space Art & Co. the event and communication agency Crescenzi & Co. on March 9th. After a series of postponements the agency, founded by Luca Crescenzi is Michele Modica, has decided to use technology and take part in the phenomenon of online exhibitions, which is spreading throughout the world during this lockdown.

The idea of ​​creating one virtual exhibition space Art & Co., as a translation of the physical one present in the agency’s offices, appeared as the only way to avoid stopping, especially after the success of the online vernissage held on April 10th. From 15 to the April 18 it is therefore possible to visit the exhibition by accessing the virtual lobby, after being accredited and creating an avatar. This will be the digital personification of the visitor who will thus be able to move in space, communicate with other visitor-avatars, and even take a selfie, as well as being able to admire the photographic works. The same works that are physically present until July 6, 2020 in the offices of Crescenzi & Co., but temporarily inaccessible.

The virtual exhibition space Art & Co.

Through these portraits, the artist aims to represent a reality as far as possible from the fictitious perfection that more and more often describes photography, now so widespread on social media. Arroyo’s intent is therefore to return to the past with a critical spirit matured in the contemporary world, to immortalize a real beauty without sweeteners. His black and white young people always seem far from the viewer, through blurring and obstacles that cover his eyes, making each photo extremely true; rather highlighting its realism, precisely through elements that we always tend to eliminate, in a fashion photography that becomes an author.

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