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Online art: a guide to the most interesting virtual visits on the web

Needless to deny it, the moments of despair are there, and often they have the power to sadden our days within the home. And it is precisely when you feel more demoralized that it is good to make a little effort and get involved in some digital activity. Because now the offer is huge and, yes, during quarantine, you can be more engaged than ever. Here are some ideas to spend a few hours in the company of the most beautiful inventions of the human mind.

Great museums and masterpieces of art history ?

For example, you can start by visiting the most important museums in the world, we have selected 12, from Louvre in the British Museum, from the archaeological museum of the Acropolis of Athens (unmissable to immerse yourself in classicism) to the Prado, without forgetting the Vatican Museums and the Pinacoteca di Brera.

To learn more about our art expert, Francesca Amé, guides you to discover 5 unforgettable masterpieces of art history: on Google Arts & Culture, the lens is an incredible tool that, allowing you to zoom in on the paintings of Goya, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Klimt, Hopper, reveals details that can even escape a “live” visit. And if you have always had a passion for Frida Kahlo , find an entire virtual exhibition dedicated to the Mexican artist.

For a lighter digression: cats! Here you can see them represented, photographed, painted by many artists who loved them: here is an entire online exhibition. ?

Boy with cat, 1868-1869, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Contemporary art ?️

If you prefer contemporary art we have brought together the most interesting projects of the moment for you: many should have been inaugurated in these days. Not bad, they were opened anyway, albeit in unprecedented ways. Are you ready to range from the Prada Foundation to Palazzo Grassi? Have a good tour.

History of Europe ?

Do you have a shot at European history? Well, take advantage of the opportunity to go into the rooms of the royal palaces of France and England. Start from Versailles, Windsor and Buckingham Palace

Books from all over the world (free) ?

If you are tired, and you have to understand, to fix a screen, and you want to go back to the old healthy reading, know that you have at your disposal the library of Babel… Yes, because now everyone can choose a book from among thousands of volumes available for free in the UNESCO World Library, basically a warehouse for all human knowledge.

Podcast ?

Reading is tiring? You want something more relaxing. You know for example that you can listen to i podcast of Vogue Italia where we talk about fashion history, great couturiers and their muses, denim, miniskirt, beauty? Be guided by our podcast editor, Elisa Pervinca Bellini, in a world of beautiful stories (here the complete production)

Music and theater ?

And the music? No, we have not absolutely forgotten it. Our theater and ballet expert, Valentina Bonelli, has toured the great Italian theaters and has prepared one for you complete guide to all performances: concerts, operas, ballets . Have fun!

P.S. Okay, okay, there are also tv series ? Here find all reports of Alessandra De Tommasi, our super expert. Follow his advice, we are sure that you will find something to do binge-watching (but without exaggerating …).

Top: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

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