Online art. GNAM in Rome launches the Piazze d’Italia project

Online museums: Rome’s WYD invites everyone to its virtual square

But where did they all go? Are they elsewhere? Or are they inside these buildings and everything seems suspended, empty? And where is this elsewhere? On another planet? Isn’t it on another planet? Why should we define this idea elsewhere: is it a physical elsewhere or does it concern our thinking and suspension? ».

These are the questions he asked himself Cristiana Collu, director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome: the new multimedia project was born from these questions Squares of Italy : a profound reflection on the feelings of isolation and disorientation generated by urban desert and from social distance which we have been called to discuss for many weeks (also documented by the in-depth study “Rome closed city”, in which we navigate between suggestive photos of the deserted capital).

GNAM in Rome launches the Piazze
GNAM in Rome launches the Piazze

They are the famous Italian squares of Giorgio de Chirico to offer the inspiration to writers, critics, artists, philosophers and architects and urban planners to talk about this our new ‘metaphysics’ in the multiblog opened by the museum.

Giorgio De Chirico, P.iazza d’Italia with statue, 1937, Gnam, Rome

“We look around bewildered in search of ready-made future scenarios and that perhaps we should ask, we should demand a new frame within which to insert ours, horizons within horizons, a new imagination of the new time that has burst into our lives – explains Cristiana Collu -. What is certain is that we should all set out and this means being guests and hospitality is leaving space. Who is on the way is inhabited by a nomadic thought, he has his gaze turned to the horizon, beyond every wall, and he is always ready to remove the curtains “. In all this, «art always comes to our rescue and for this he must find a place to stay with us, and we with her ».

Museums and institutions have understood this, and they have equipped themselves to offer us relief, distraction and beauty: we told it here talking about museums all over the world to visit online.

“All we want a new horizon, we would really like a view as far as the eye can see that we don’t have now or that we only have through a series of screens while instead we want to recapture the earth, we want to live on Earth. And to do this we have to set out, and the path shifts the horizon and the horizon, as he says Eduardo Galeano, is theutopia (we talked about it Vogue Italia here, editor’s note). You want to get closer, but she moves further and further, it’s a tension. And we need it for this, to continue walking ».

Here is the complete video of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome:

Happy journey to us.

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