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Museums do not go into quarantine. On the contrary, they are never doing more than ever before to bring home their “great beauty”. A test? The recent high accesses to the section Google Arts & Culture, wonderful virtual showcase of the main museums in the world (here our in-depth study dedicated to Frida Kahlo). If, before starting the day, you want to take a “beauty break”, visit the site, in particular using the “explore” function: every day you enter a different monument or museum, among the many in the world. For example, the Guggenheim in Bilbao (which hosted this splendid exhibition that we talked about) or the Milan Cathedral. Is the visit between the spiers the same that can be done in flesh-and-bones? No, but it’s still exciting, and it is good.

Then there are some big names among the museums in the world that already had a virtual tour section, designed to “delight” future users for booking: today we cannot move or plan any trip, it is nice to be able to take advantage of all these possibilities. So here is one selection of the magnificent ten, those museums that we would like to visit at least once in our life, but in the meantime we can get to know from home.


At the top of the list is the Louvre. Here can you decide the itinerary to deepen: ancient Babylon and the code of Hammurabi? Or Greek statuary, to admire the magnificent Venus of Milo? The most clicked section concerns the Italian Renaissance: if you love Leonardo don’t stop at Gioconda, there is also The Virgin of the Rocks that leaves you speechless.

Louvre in Paris

© Getty Images


Second place to the new Archaeological Museum of Athens: it’s true, visiting the Acropolis at sunset is another thing, but on the museum website, there is a wonderful collection of classical Greek art: can you distinguish the different orders of capitals of the columns of temples?

The Acropolis museum in Athens

© Acropolis Museum

Great Britain

To stay in the ancient civilizations, click on the majestic site British Museum, the first western museum that since the mid-eighteenth century understood the importance of collecting the finds of the world’s civilizations: from the Hittites to the Mayas, passing through Easter Island and Chinese and Japanese art. Browsing here you can spend whole hours.


Among the encyclopedic museums we cannot forget the Prado of Madrid, which here allows you to see the best of its collection of masterpieces (all, but all Goyas, not just the famous one Maya Desnuda, and then Las Menisas by Velázquez).


The online section of the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam: a roundup of masterpieces by the brilliant painter. Seeing them digitally, and so closely, enlarged, allows you to appreciate even better the nervous brush stroke of Vincent Van Gogh.


Visit for yourselfHermitage of St. Petersburg it requires at least two days of time and very comfortable shoes: the famous Russian museum has now packed a virtual tour book in its refined and decorated rooms.

© Museo del Prado 2 Madrid, 2005

South Korea

Among the Asian museums that have best activated the virtual visits function there is the Seoul National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, in Korea, which has four online-only sections for ongoing exhibitions and permanent installations, plus one educational trail for children that can be visited here.

United States

Finally, America, where museums were the first to open the doors to the web: among the most beautiful sites for a remote visit is that of Guggenheim in New York a string of masterpieces of modern and contemporary art. The Met Metropolitan Museum of NYC allows the exploration of its many rooms with impressive photographs (look here The Met 360 ° Project) while you can admire the most iconic portraits of the National Gallery of Art of Washington on the museum’s online site.


Almost all Italian museums have followed the initiative launched by Mibac #iorestoacasa on their social accounts, relaunching it with the motto #museichiusimuseiaperti and Instagram is undoubtedly proving in recent weeks the most lively social platform where you can enjoy beauty and intelligent entertainment.

To continue the virtual tours from the sofa, the best ones stand out among the Vatican museums (you can also see the Sistine Chapel too!) and of Brera ‘s picture gallery of Milan that offers, in addition to visiting the collections (among the most beautiful paintings: Emmaus dinner by Caravaggio), also ‘Notes for cultural resistance‘, a series of pills-video in which, from the museum director James Bradburne to the room keepers, they reveal themselves curiosity and behind the scenes. Looking forward to going back in person.

Finally, the Quirinale Stables the doors of the exhibition virtually reopen “Raffaello.1520-1483” with video stories and insights which, through social channels, allow you to admire some of the most beautiful works on display with details and curiosities about the art of the Renaissance painter. #RaffaelloOltreLaMostra is #RaffaelloInMostra are the hashtags of the initiatives that can be followed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Top: Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Felt Hat (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam)

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