Online museums: the Vuitton Foundation at your home

There Fondation Louis Vuitton presents a new program of digital events thanks to which it will be possible to relive or discover from home: exhibitions, concerts, master classes and events that the foundation has hosted since it opened in 2014. With this initiative Vuitton joins the list of online museums that worldwide have given free access to virtual visits to alleviate the coronavirus quarantine period.

Starting March 25, every week the Fondation Louis Vuitton will organize 3 digital events available online on the foundation’s Facebook page and on the official YouTube channel. Instagram also participates in the initiative with new content and games that will involve artists and works from the collection.

The digital appointments of the Louis Vuitton Foundation are:

  • every Wednesday at 18.00: a visit to an exhibition with commentary from the curators

  • every Friday at 20.30: a concert held at the Auditorium

  • every Sunday at 5.30 pm: a concert by the graduates of the Classe de Excellence de Violoncelle led by Gautier Capu├žon

Enjoy the #FLVfromhome hashtag

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