Original Jackson Plastic Shop

The ‘Finding’ look is very popular these days since Michael Jackson’s life .A company named Originals has been around since the eighties Heroes And ex-heroes come and go but there are some, which stay on permanently.

These shelves of bling-blinged merchandise might remind one of the plastic shop fashions of the eighties. lit up shelves and pointy shoos in the plush plastic atmosphere, just like what happened to Michael Jackson after he left the stage to benefit from a short period of peace.

So what happened? How did the plastic feel so cheap and tacky after it had adorned the stars for so long? Why was his signature on it in the first place?

Original Jackson Plastic Shop
Original Jackson Plastic Shop

Well, the pop world was very different from entertainers like Jackson. Music was playing louder than ever. Singers were getting bigger. Walkin’ and jingling became a part of life, and there was a whole world of product guarantees and retail promises to go along with it. Stores had to keep costs down. The most economical thing to do was to have massive sales aids on the merchandise.

The songs had to be product tested. They had to be filtered through a sales system to make sure that there was a ready customer base waiting in line to buy what the company had to sell to them. Just to make sure that they were doing a good job on the merchandising front.

Michael Jackson was at their peak when he left the stage. There was iPods, different brand holders reaching the millions, gigantic tours helping to grow their businesses. There was Def Jam, a very successful company with very aggressive sales aids. They were literally selling shirts at E-rate and went after retailers.

But Michael never really got the credit that he deserves since the success of his new venture, the company he left behind (Back products) was tucked away in some warehouse, hardly hustling any profits and barely making any dollars to begin with. And he did write a check for $2,280.15 to charity, a number that is a drop in the bucket in the $700,000 that Gap earned in one year. That’s not a very big check, especially when you compare it to the huge profits these guys were raking in.

Gone are the days when you could count on a piece of clothing to make a fashion statement, especially when you bought it from the Gap. Since that era of sleek innovations, the clothing Industrially, designers have taken over and it seems that they don’t like what we like. The fashion gurus are the ones who basically set the trends.

Rereading that fashion statement from the Gap has opened numerous can of worms. Each designer has created something that adds to that funky 80’s feel, all the more successful for it. As time goes by, we are still facing the same issues. The items seem to be more uncomfortable and money poor than ever before. They have become so bland and lack the spark that once defined it in the first place. Even the classic Gap t-shirts are now being manufactured, with no sign of improvement in the making.

So a clothing line that was once championing the cause keeping all that technology and Manchester street vibe, is now less relevant and far more ridiculous. All we have are electronic newsletters filled with pictures of models on a runway, bodyologues and advice on what to mix with what. The people who once bought those things are now the ones saying, time to get the latest, off white and too bright for the office.

Of course the latest isn’t always all that great, and for those people who do like to be traditional. A new era of clothing Petites with no fashion background look clunky, too old school and not trendy enough to be noticed in a crowd. So the cycle continues, designers Showoff their new lines, hoping the latest will turn heads for next season. If it’s something that you like, and it actually suits you, and you think it represents you, then it perhaps represents you well. If it doesn’t, and you really don’t like it, then it doesn’t.

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