Italian cuisine offers video courses to everyone

“The right recipe is to stay at home,” says Fedele Usai, CEO of Condé Nast Italia. And, to keep the Italians company who responsibly respect the limitations decided in the collective interest, it provides everyone with a tool to make isolation days shorter. “The video courses of the La Cucina Italiana school are free for … Read more

Start with Roberto Burioni #VFQuarantineStories. Items from the quarantine, to lighten the quarantine

He leaves on Friday 13 March, at 4 pm, with a long distance conversation between the virologist Roberto Burioni and the managing director of Condé Nast Italia Fedele Usai, always moderated at a distance from the deputy director of Vanity Fair Malcom Pagani, the live streaming schedule of #VFQuarantineStories. You can follow it to this … Read more

Even fashion in the sights of the Coronavirus

Even in the world of fashion people start talking about coronavirus. Not only for the solidarity competition that is uniting, globally, fashion houses, brands, companies and well-known faces, but also – and unfortunately – for cases of Covid-19 that seem to have hit world fashion weeks. Specifically, it seems that a Vietnamese socialite and heiress … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, how to match the colors of the clothes

Queen of style: Elizabeth II shows us how to match the colors of the clothes Outfit color block for the Queen Elizabeth II, which has always played with colors, pastel or bright touches to animate rather classic outfits. But this time Her Majesty did not stop at the monolor, as she usually does, she decided … Read more

Samuel Batista and Sara Morsillo. By pretending to be famous, they really did

Dressed in the same orange hue, she with two cans of Monster and two packs of Lays, Samuel Batista and Sara Morsillo were photographed while trying to slip into an Uber without giving attention. “You are the hottest couple since Brad and Angelina,” wrote one of their 55,600 followers in Ig’s comments. What escapes the … Read more

Working in Fashion: Master in Fashion Communication and Styling at IED Milan

The ways to work in fashion are certainly numerous. One of these could be represented by the Master in Fashion Communication and Styling by IED Milan. Vogue Talents has selected five videos made by the students of this course who have distinguished themselves for their originality and talent. The first one we present is Which … Read more